I tried using the search but wasn't able to find any keywords with discord.
Is there an official discord for TEF? As well as is this the only community forums etc? I wish there was a way to pin posts for this stuff Sad

I know it's been a long time since I have been around - but I would enjoy getting back into things slowly but surely and loved this community so much back in the day. So any links anyone wants to give me please feel free Smiling
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Unfortunately the search

Unfortunately the search function broke a few years ago with a server update.
You can find a lot of information here, though: http://www.endlessforest.org/community/contents

There is no official server beyond TEFc and the old game forums (which are more or less abandoned... the link doesn't seem to work any more, either). However, there are three (that I know of) main player-run Discord servers.

https://discord.gg/5f6U6mC - English, more active
https://discord.gg/P555HKT9 - English, less active
Russian server - for which I don't have a link, but I'm sure Ursch will pop by at some point if you need it.

You are AMAZING. I already

You are AMAZING. I already downloaded the reshades from the group and I'm having a blast so this was so helpful Smiling
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*pops by, as

*pops by, as predicted*

@Ivi: you do in fact have the link - the one in the English server's affiliates is permanent, feel free to share it in case anyone asks for it)

For anyone who can speak Russian, here it is: https://discord.gg/yCAtbzR
We'll be glad to see you! Smiling

@cherryblawesome: I love your username! Welcome back)

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Not me totally forgetting the

Not me totally forgetting the affiliates section exists

edit: ....Or that I signed into the info account to update stuff
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Huh, many thanks for updating

Huh, many thanks for updating it, btw! The Info account is super helpful <3

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