The Diary of Seed, 2-25-08

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I did it! I did it! I sat on the air! well, mostly, I sat on a willow tree. or in one, hee-hee ^^. But I did it. I'm not very good at doing fancy things yet, but I'm managing...unless one of the deer gets twoo high. I'm looking at you, Sluggs and your cage-top mockery!...Oh, it's OK, really, Sluggs.

I also finally got to see Scape again today by the ruins! We proceeded to mess around, such as hiding in tombstones and pillars. One thing kinda bugged me, about my favorite grave to hide in: who was the little human-thing on the tombstone?...I can't help but worry that it was whoever was in the grave, and they wanted to show how much he suffered...Humans were probably crazy. Anyway, Scape and I messed around, hiding in trees and running around the river and suchnot, generally having the best time I've had in days. Then we did some magic with some other deer, and I had to go.

I met up with Scape, Sluggs and some other deer -- some fawns, I guess, and some stags -- in the ruins again later. They were hanging out near the wall, all the stags as fawns, and we became like this...this...wall-o'-fawn-butts! It was very funny. Most of the others left, but Scape, Sluggs and I stayed behind and played with the wall some more: we started just sort of floating outside the wall, sometimes half imbedded in the wall, and sometimes upside-down...When we were done laughing about that, we found a little spot in the ruins that, to me, looked exactly like a dance floor! it was just a little square of stone. So we started dancing. I even got to breakdance some more ^^ And then Sluggs had to go, which made me realize how late it was, and how tired I was, so I just curled up there on the dancefloor and went to sleep.

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That sounds like one heck of

That sounds like one heck of a day, and that 'wall-o'-fawn-butts!' really brightened up my day, lol! XD Thanks for putting some light into my afternoon, it's been raining here for a couple of days now and this gloomy weather is really starting to get to me...