The Diary of Seed, 2-22-08

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Today, I met up with Scape again, and we quickly got down to water-walking. I thought about it, and wrote a haiku:
Fawn watches balance,
Ripples spreading beneath hooves
Splash! only a frog

I need to work on my haiku, I think. This will require practice. Maybe I'll write a whole bunch...provided I can think of some stuff that would make good haiku.

Anyway, Scape and I even went and were underwater deer for a while. Being an underwater deer is fun. We met up with Sluggs for a bit; he turned into a fawn, and we played at being the fawn tree, and its relative the two-butted, one-headed fawn tree. We headed out to the ruins after that (or was it before?) for a little while, but then it was just the two of us again, off to go shove parts of ourselves into strange places. Or hop and run and leap around. You know, whatever presented itself. We hung around the crying idol for a bit, and then we went to the bridge. Not the top of the bridge...I mean under it! we played the two-headed fawn-troll that lives under the bridge. that was one of my favorites. When we were leaving, we ran into another fawn, who I guess must have heard us playing down there. We danced for a bit -- I even got to practice my breakdancing skills: I'm learning to go from laugh-spinning on the ground to dancing really fast, and vise-versa: it helps to rear and spin a it, first. I took a nap after that.

When I woke up, I tracked down Scape again. Then, we went and broke routine a bit: you see, I had, until today, never slept in a mushroom circle. I had seen deer transformed -- one of the first deer I ever met was a frog when I met him -- but I had never actually been transformed or transformed someone. So Scape induldged me in this, and after an attempt or two, the two of us were flying around as a dove and a bat for a little bit. I liked being a dove, but I can see that, like most magic, shapeshifting is most fun for stags. One matter in this whole story bothers me, though: just as we were settling down, but before we were asleep, a fawn -- and while I did not recognize him at the time, he was the fawn Scape and I had danced with earlier -- came up and wanted us to play. He tried everything! he tried bowing, crying out at us, taunting (or maybe just ground scratching, I was a little unfocused), and dancing to try and get us up. I really hoped he would get the hint and joined us, but then he just walked away. I took a picture, though, because I felt bad and wanted to remember the fawn, so I could make it up sometime. I will consider the matter.

After some more messing around, and almost making a perpetual-divine-pelt-machine (IE, Scape and I magicking the pelt to the other when it wore off, and viseversa. It worked until our rythm got broken), we ran into Sluggs again. This time, he was a mini-stag! He started calling at some other deer, and then Scape started calling out, and so I start calling out, too. But when I did it, Sluggs got scared. Maybe 'cause I was facing him at the time...? and then he walked away. Maybe it was my fault...I was sad for a bit, and confused, but since it confused Scape, I tried to laugh it off. We messed around a little more, and met up with some other fawns (including, yes, the same fawn from earlier),and there was some breakdancing on my part. And then it was off to bed for me.
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Whoops, you got the wrong

Whoops, you got the wrong impression! (That's happening a lot lately, Deers getting the wrong vibes) What happened was, when we bleated, I heard a familiar Deer calling back. When I checked the Radar, I noticed it was Fincayra, so I ran to Fincayra, to greet him!