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It's been a while!

It's been a long time since i've roamed these forests, but boy is it lively today! I found a group of at least seven with a couple of fawns all active and dancing. Reminds me of the good ol' days when this place was jumping with life. If you see a deer with a normal coat, purple flowered antlers, and a plague mask, dats me. I'm always looking to have fun with changing my appearance so feel free to pull some magic pranks!
Also- I need to work on my aim. Apologies if I accidentally change your appearance a couple of times.

First Friend

To the wonderful brown/honey marbled deer that took time to goof off and play around with a fawn, thank you! It was a lovely time and I enjoyed the company. Hope to continue seeing you around!

Hello World!

Entry Date: 5/6/22
I used to be on here forever ago, but I couldn't remember my name and I've been through quite the journey since then, so i've started over from scratch. I was super excited to see that they've kept updating and working on this lovely screensaver game after almost ten years of hiatus, so of course I had to come back now that I have a decent laptop.
So, Endless forest, meet baby Valko!
-<3 V

ED: 5/7/22

Wow, a lot of deer are active today! I'm enjoying the vibes. It's weird being a fawn again, I miss my customization, but I'm excited to go on the month journey of being small until I earn my antlers.
- <3 V
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