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7 years ago

My gosh, it's been seven years.

Seven years. I left the community site but my gosh, I missed TEF. How I missed it. Although I have had a recent spate of folks asking if I would give up my account because Syltar's pictogram was 'perfect' for a Fawn they wanted and I have to say:

No. No. No. I am never giving up Syltar. I was one of the first to get a pictogram and I'm not giving up Syltar.

Anyway, hey there folks. I missed you all. I wonder if any of the old Stags are hanging around. Her, Rah-Bop, Onestripe (YogurtPockets), Shimmyshimmy, Larka.... ah well.
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'The Pond is a strange place. It all started last week as the Forest began to warm. Deer driven by thirst came to the edges of the Pond but backed away as bubbles rose from the depths of the pool. Something was coming to the surface. Something that hadn't seen the the forest in almost two years....

Lost and forgotten at the bottom of the Pond lay a village: Leuven. Once a beautiful place the Twin Gods wept for the terrible heresies committed by the Men. Wept until the ground began to sink inward and the village flooded with water.

A deer lay among the weedy streets and stirred. A string of bubbles escaped his mouth and rose quickly to the surface. Syltar lay sleeping.... but not for long.'


I haven't seen this place in a while. Still the same I think. Are all my old friends still here? *yodels* I figure I should return and rest here for a while. My life is incredible out here. I moved to Colorado. It's glorious. I feel so much more comfortable with myself.

I have some good news! I won't be open for art-trades or artwork this summer (OCT buisness) but I will be getting a tattoo of my one and only pictogram: On my ankle. I hope. Not sure when I'll set up an appointment but it's going to be soon. Eye The pictogram has been such a fixture in my life that I feel it's important to keep it close.

I'm doing just fine out here. Sewing like mad and thinking of apprenticing myself to a local taxidermist. It's an interesting profession and I can handle the fleshing portion of it. I'm more a 'how does this work?' kind of person. This seems like a good fit for me. Can you imagine? Girly-girl me boiling skulls?

How are you all doing? Good I hope. Eye
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In the Forest

Syltar is currently mucking about in the forest...he's lost his set and needs some help getting it back.
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TEF: The Endless iScribble

Set up a iScribble board. Public. Come join me.
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Syltar is not popular....

I dunno. I'm not feeling very loved today and I've realized that no one knows WHO Syltar is.

I want Syltar arts.
*is so unpopular*
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New Stuff?

Back here. Anything new happen in the past year?
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Art Requests

College doesn't start until Wednsday and I'm feeling rather creative so I want to draw. I'll start with 4 slots. Preferably, I would like to see TEF-related requests: landscapes, story-scenes and character fanart. I will try to portry them as accuratly as possible unless you do give me permission to exert some artistic-liberties in design. My deviantart-page can be found at and here at

1. Redkora
2. Terabetha- Queze
3. Nala
4. Flyra

References are greatly appreciated. :3
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To y'all in the Forest right now...

Thank you for the incredible welcome-back from everyone currently in the Forest. I saw Quamar and quite a few others where we played and spell-casted for quite a while. It was so nice to be in the Forest again.

Thank you once again,
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Art Categories....

I am irked. Very irked.

Why is it that everything seems to end-up in the 'Concept Art' category? There's screenshots, fanart and random stuff from wolves and Spore all on that category! Honestly, not everything is a concept for the game. It seems as if the Concept-Art category is a dumping ground for everybodies picture or what-have-you. I hate having to troll through the useless crap in the Concept-Art section. No offense to anyone.

Anyway, this little tic has been bothering me since the community site opened and I think it was one of the original reasons I had left the community site so early.

Does anyone know what should be in each category?
Concept-art would be art or ideas that would improve the game.
Fan-Art/Gift-art is art created by players of the game of they're characters or another players' character/ Anything inspired by TEF goes here.
Screenshots of the game belong in the screenshots section. Period.
Wallpapers are images made for a desktop and are regulated to a set group of sizes.
Other is where everything that doesn't fit into the above categories goes.

Is it so hard to place your picture or whatever into the correct category?
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Syltars' Bio

Name: Syltar
Gender: Stag
Age: Fully-Grown Stag
Appearance: (The Blue Waters Pelt which doesn't exist...yet)
Typical mask: None.
Typical pelt: The Black w/White Belly Pelt.
Typical antlers: The Trumpet Antlers.
Personality: As a fully-grown Stag Syltar doesn't follow the stereotypical Stag pastimes nor is a typical Stag. It was after a chance encounter with a malevolent force that he changed. He was so shaken by that experience that he spent an EndlessYear, meditating in the Pond, so that he could find his inner Peace. As a gift for his wanting to be closer to the Gods he received the Blue Waters Pelt which he humbly wears. He is a deep-thinker and he typically stays away from large Herds....unless they're dancing. He believes that this is a way for the Deer to communicate to the Twin Gods and it one pastime that should be encouraged.
Enemies: All non-believers
Favorite places: In the Pond or at the Shrine
Least favorite place: The Old Oak
Favorite pastime: Swimming, Dancing and Worshipping
Least favorite pastime: Eating Pinecones
Pictogram: A Christian cross w/ a hook on the end and a small square in the top left corner.
Typical behavior: Bow, Paw at the Ground, Dancing, and Being alone.
Non-Typical behavior: Being in a group, Lol-ing, Fighting
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