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i'm baaack

hi! omg it's been so long. i genuinely can't remember the last time i was on here, but i've missed it so much.
i doubt anyone would remember me, i didn't have much of an active role within the community, but even if you do please.. don't, i was such a cringe kid back when i first started playing and i apologise for how annoying i was aha.

in recent years i've really picked up art as a hobby and now planning to as a career. it's something i adore and this game has such a huge artistic community, it really makes me motivated!
i have a youtube and instagram to showcase my own artwork! but i'm not active on anything other than that since social media is bad for my mental health, but i really love sharing my work with others. but i'll post some of my artwork on this forum, too.
i may even draw some people's deers from time to time!
ig -
youtube -

i really can't wait to get back into this game again, especially the community. i love seeing everyone's artwork and having such a peaceful place to feel relaxed while i draw.

if anyone has any spare time to help me out with my deers pelt, etc. that'd be so kind, they haven't had a makeover in like 4 years :') will most likely draw you deer in return because y'all have such pretty deers
i hope you're all doing well, take care <3
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