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Sable I am scared, where have you gone?
I think I must have slept for a long time for the forest around me has changed in many a small way...
I don't want to sleep deeply again... Why do I keep getting so tired?
Sable... I miss you and Sadiki.... please... find me soon.


Unknown Time
I've searched the forest many times and yet I can't find her! It is frustrating but I will not give up!
Unknown Time
I've found I like the river near the Big Tree quite a lot. It's calming to look at.
11:59 pm
I spent some of my time frolicking with several other fawns and deer. I'm growing tired once more......


I've been wondering the wood searching for Sabel. I don't know why I am so attached to her or why being separated from her frightens me, but I am determined to find her! I just hope she'll remember me when I do....
Unknown Time
I couldn't find her today ether.... Maybe tomorrow I will? Strange though... I've seen many deer sleeping oddly.... Are they sick?


I awoke disoriented, my body heavy as lead. I remember falling asleep and dreaming of mist and crows... What happened? Where has Sabel gone? How long have I slept unknowing as time passed me by?
Unknown time
I'm so tired..... I've not found her yet but maybe... tomorrow.... I'll.........


Unknown time
Unknown time
The world keeps coming in and out of focus...
Unknown time
There are so many trees! Ooo~ Flowers! Sleepy...
I've been wondering this forest for several days greeting strangers and playing with any other fawns I meet. I feel sad though as I don't quite remember how I got here nor where my Mama and Papa have gone... or if I have a Mama and Papa. I woke up alone in a field of flowers the first day, and curious I stood up only to stumble and fall again as I did so. It took me several tries to stand as my legs seemed unused to bearing my weight. After I was able to stand I looked around me as if expecting another to be by my side, and yet... there was no one there... Any joy I may have felt at my accomplishment fled me as fear and loss filled my being, for I was alone in this strange place. It was then that I began to question how I had come to be here, in this place, alone... I didn't know... How old was I?... I don't know... Where are my Mama and Papa?...I don't know... Do I have a name?.... No I didn't think so. Before I could panic further I saw a strange deer in the distance with candles upon its antlers as if to lead me out of my dark thoughts. The deer, a female from her sent, was with another, a male. I perked up my ears in hope when I saw them. And, on unstable hooves, made my way to them praying that they would not leave before I could get to them. The rest of the day was spent following the female and playing with any who got close to me. Soon though I lost them, and exhausted lay down to rest. The next few days have been spent looking for those two deer and staying close. I do not understand much of what they try to tell me but that's ok, just so long as I can find them again each time I wake. Over time I have come to know their names are Sabel and Sadiki.
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