Bringing the Forest to the Elder Deer

The elder deer had survived another bout of cold and though fully recovered the energy did not come back up to the previous level. The deer of long companion not ready for the elder deer to go had limited activities to the point the elder deer nearly gave up. Roaming only with in the ruins as he reached the boundary edge he would indicate that if he went further he may not come back.

Empty shell deer was not something he wished to ever be. As mush as he loved the poppies, the stream, the rut he stayed within the framework of the ruins as if some invisible line ensured his safety. For long companion deer it made it easier. As much as he loved her so he wished not to cause any grief.

Others did not agree and began to make plans. How does one bring the forest to the elder deer? One by one deer searched long and far to find the pieces that represented the forest well. Moss, ferns, flowers, small trees began to appear on, around and in the ruins. Brought piece by piece by deer some as friends and some just participating because it looked like fun.

Within a short time different spots within the ruins had mini forest scenes. The elder deer roamed from mini-forest to mini-forest experiencing all that the mini-forest offered for him. Bringing the forest to the deer resulted in immense joy among those who visited and those who took care of the elder deer. It made the forest endless on another level. Having a weak deer body a mere inconvenience rather than a tragedy. Instead of talk of what does not work despite good health the elder deer talked of nature, cycles, plants, and love. In the dying ember of a deer life sparkled flares of joy seeding for the next generation.