The bower

While running to and fro through the many trees a pleasant shady area with climbing tendrils in a field of blue flowers behind the Mother idol a deer can meet the most intriguing deer. As lovely as the Indus Valley 5000-year-old deer art is what is even more lovely is when you meet the bowing deer in the bower. Unlike any other deer, the gracefulness of the bow with a sweep either before or after lets one know a prince of deer has arrived. Never alone a set of companions with complex antics surround the ancient face of bone and teeth and antlers looking like tree branches to the sky. Even despite the fun, the aura of dignity and integrity oozes out from such.

Those gatherings are unlike any others. A whole hierarchy of complex relationships becomes apparent. A whole system of movements between the ancient players speaks of interactions long ago, of what is new and what was. Some things remain though an ancient one is gone a part of their movement remains with the other deer. Often like Watchers, they would strategically place deer selves in areas where they could observe other interactions. Like knights of old a code of existence becomes noticed. Rising at once play or a mock war would begin with deer from all realms running to take the side of the one that watched over them. During the fall near the ruins, games of fierceness would begin and the deer would be traded to other Watcher Ancient deer. During the same era, many ancient deer would gather and meet for serious forest business.

It is said the ancient faced deer began at the moment of birth of the game. One moment chaos and in the next there the ancient deer were in full glory. Glory lasts forever in actions and deeds across the fields. Those deer that have witnessed those events stand on spots and remember when an area was filled with the ancient deer circle and its ways.

The Bower blesses and a deer begins to develop their own bow and sweep. An invitation or a pardon depending on context and play.