Blood and Remembrance

What is worse in the forest? Imagining the blood in the scenes on the tree bark and grass or the idea of it all. You turn, and there lies lovely deer peacefully playing on mostly green and blue areas. Yet, through your mind's eyes as you prance and walk the terrors and horrors surround you. Is unfair to only observe that without emotion so as to incorporate it in the forest symbolically? I always pondered why the sand soil contained red near the playground. Is somebody's blood spilled unfairly on the ground and the rocks are a place to hide when it is all too much to process. More horrible if not spoken, not drawn is it not? In a deer community another's pain too horrible for that deer to speak can be drawn, acted out or spoken by another. Or like fawns do turned into play. Yet though a deer is gone others remember and mention when they come back or go the graveyard and refresh the memory. Art and deer live on in the forest.