Beta 3!

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Hello everyone!

A third beta version of the remake of The Endless Forest has just been released.

An email with a download link has been sent to all backers.

Almost there.
Thank you for your patience.

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Thanks for the update

Thanks for the update Michael! But, what is new in this updated version? Anything we should be keeping an eye out for?

This is awesome news!!!! I'm

This is awesome news!!!! I'm so glad to hear this, keep up with the great work, and your guys beautifully creative concepts/ideas!!! Deeply appreciated Smiling

Will the second decade be

Will the second decade be more like a game with goals and events? I saw something saying there was gonna be an update around 2005 that'd make it more like a game, but that update never came (even if it's not gonna be like a game, I'll definitely still give it a try! I can tell lots of love is going into the Second Decade Smiling )
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tl;dr: not really, it's more

tl;dr: not really, it's more of a port to a newer engine. Though there were donation incentives to add more pelts and other bits and pieces:

currently donations are at 51k euros.

Will there be more content

Will there be more content added in the future? Or is it really just a remake?
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It's unknown, there were some

It's unknown, there were some donation tier perks on indiegogo that involved new sets but I don't think anyone knows what's happening with that...given this project was kicked off in late 2016 and it's now 2023.

I also just noticed that we didn't hit the 52k to add new sets and I don't know if that also includes these ones:

it'd be pretty crummy if it didn't.

man hopefully it gets added,

man Sad hopefully it gets added, i also heard an NPC called the sun deer or something was gonna be added, any updates on that? or is that unknown too?
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Technically the sundeer

Technically the sundeer should be some point. Given we did reach the 46k to unlock that tier/phase/whateveryoucall it that it's in.

But what the Sundeer actually does, is up for speculation because yeah once again it's unknown.
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We have lots of ideas for new

We have lots of ideas for new additions. We intend to deliver on all the crowdfunding promises but as you have noticed by now, we have become very slow. Sorry. Our priority remains the life of the forest and its community in the game. We have many exciting new things in store.
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The changes were briefly

The changes were briefly described here. The details are not so important at the moment.

What I would like to hear from you is any errors you encounter regarding basic functionality, specifically network-related. Please send email to the.endless.forest at
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We have no intentions to make

We have no intentions to make The Endless Forest more like a game. On the contrary!
But if you want to play games in the forest, you're very welcome to! Smiling

I've just rediscovered The

I've just rediscovered The Endless Forest, and i've well past missed the campaign, is there a way I can donate so that I can play the new Beta?