Back on track with the remake

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After much deliberating I cancelled the project that was keeping me from working on The Endless Forest remake. There's still a bunch of other things getting in the way but I can now again dedicate a good chunk of every week to working on the game.
This month my focus has been the environment changes that happen on feast days. I was able to resolve some technical issues relating to networking in an imperfect but acceptable way and have tracked down and implemented all assets.

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I wonder is it at all

I wonder is it at all possible to have the candles actually give off light? :0 Seeing the ruins in lit up by candle light would be pretty.
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Seconding Draak's comment! I

Seconding Draak's comment! I think improved lighting in general could make a huge difference to the remake given that the graphics themselves aren't too different to the original, which might make them look more dated. The lighting in the original forest (especially the sunbeams) was always really pretty, so it'd be neat to see some updated lighting effects!

It's good to hear that you're able to work on the remake again in any case.
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Thank you for the update! It

Thank you for the update! It can be so hard to decide where to put the finite amount of time we have in any given day.

I love how atmospheric this shot is, too.

This screenshot is so

This screenshot is so exciting! Thank you for the update, looking forward to more news <3
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I’m so excited ~

I’m so excited ~