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After releasing what I guess is my first solo art piece in ages*, I have returned to the wonderful world of remaking The Endless Forest in Unreal Engine. I will be able to devote a lot of time to it over the coming months until August when a new project starts. So I am aiming for a new release before then.
I still teach part time (at IULM in Milan) and I'm working on a secret Endless Forest related project once in a while. But still, I'm happy with the time available and I am already making progress.
Over the past two weeks I have added joystick control of the avatar and a system for showing different language versions of the menu. I am trying to get all the main features in the game, working towards a beta release (feature complete but lacking detail and containing bugs). But if there's any features you would like to see prioritized in the remake, please let me know.

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Michael Samyn.

* Information and free download of "Compassie" can be found here.
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Thanks for the update! I

Thanks for the update!

I have a question regards the in-game animations - in the original TEF you can combine/blend animations together, which a lot of players use to create some unique body-language.
In the beta of the remake, this doesn't work and animations simple play one after the other, rather than combining. - is the overlap something which is able to be implemented again?

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I think it was considered a

I think it was considered a bug and removed, but I would love to said "air walking" brought back just because it's a fun little quirk that's been in TEF since the beginning of time.

Hello. I would really like a

I would really like a free camera option, where you separately control camera distance with mouse wheel and separately can turn it to any angle both horizontally and vertically. The game's current camera controls where a vertical angle is tied to the diastance feels really inconvenient for me.
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Thank you!

Thank you!

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Awh thank you I would like

Awh thank you Smiling
I would like to see more vegetation in the game..

Magnificent art by 7FinalGirl8 (Hagal)
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Thank you for the update!

Thank you for the update! Compassie looks beautiful, I wish I had a VR headset to view it with.

Re: Starling's question about animation blending; I'd really love to see this implemented too, though I think animation blending might get complicated with all the possible combinations of the individual animations. It might be possible through the AnimGraph I guess?
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^ Aaaa thankyou! that's super

^ Aaaa thankyou! that's super helpful
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Thank you for the update!

Thank you for the update! Enjoyed reading about the Compassie in your dev log too.

Seconding what the others pointed out and also hoping that the new built will run on Windows 7, because the current alpha built doesn't.

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Thanks for the update. Yess

Thanks for the update.

Yess to the animation blending, combining greeting actions has become its own language in the game so it would be wonderful to see in the new version <3
Like how bow + head tilt has become a standard for saying 'hi' in a more comfortable way (:
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Thank you for all your

Thank you for all your comments.

Obviously I am very hesitant to add bugs to the game on purpose. But I can look into the animation blending "feature" after everything else is done. Please point me to some documentation about its uses.

Hello, Michael, thank you

Hello, Michael,

thank you for the updates. I can of course understand being hesitant to add bugs on purpose. But I believe there's nothing wrong with adding a feature, if it's reasonable and actively desired by the community, that started off as a bug. Action blending has been an integral part of the gameplay for me ever since I first started playing in 2013, and I can confidently say the same applies to the majority of the community. Are you looking for examples of its use in the current game?

I feel the animation blending

I feel the animation blending is such a huge part of the storytelling community playing TEF. The ability to combine different animations is so fluid and unique in TEF, and has let players add a virtually limitless amount of tonality and variance to each encounter while in the Forest. ♥