Akai Mori (Red Forest)

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Magnet: The rumors I'd heard were true. The Forest was indeed a warm tone. Gave it a sort of sleepy feel, in my opinion. There weren't that many deer around either, especially a little while ago.

I don't much feel like going into detailed descriptions of my day this time, so I'm mostly posting pictures. I took a whopping 64 this time! O.o Dang.


Great timing.

Felt like we were on a flower-covered, firefly-lit stage. I've never seen fireflies before. They're quite interesting. =]

Some merged dancing. =] ...O.O! Pepokeen, don't move. You've got something on your face!

I met Kinoshi during a dance.

Apparently he hadn't been in the Forest for awhile.

O_O Scary rock...

Maybe we can dig it up.
No? Well, what if I use my mask?

I think we made it mad...
Bet I'm scarier.


That triggered some silliness.

I'm getting dizzy again just looking at this... @.@

Messing around at the Ruins. But wait...what's this?

There be lines. O.o
A little strange, but harmless. So I started doing my demon tree trick in one of the graves. Pepokeen and Barwick joined in.

Another view:

And a very confused fawn.
We reared with them, and continued to mess around with the grave to amuse them. =]

Am I really that scary?

Closeups time!
I got a little too close... O.o
Bit of bad blood between the deer on the right and me. They kept rearing in me, and wouldn't stop no matter how much I tried to ignore them or move away and start dancing again. So I showed them my antlers as a warning, and basically pretended they weren't there anymore after that. Except for these pictures. The photographer in me can't pass up an opportunity.
And apparently they have an older version of the Forest, cuz they're the one who cast this skeleton pelt.

Do not adjust your screens. That is indeed a frog Pepokeen. ...XD Ok, I'm not serious. I meant that yes, the bank really did turn invisible (Though that really is a frog-Pepokeen. Not sure how that happened. O.o).

Greetings, Kogy.

The troll-deer who live under the bridge.

Just kidding.
I'm the only troll-deer under this bridge. X]


Kogy's back, so I snag a semi-closeup.

What? I thought the bridge could use some decorating.

And now it just looks evil.

"The toll...or your life..."

XD Alright, that's all I have.
You're probably noticing the lack of Scape in the Forest. Well, that's because he's letting me have all the time in the Forest I want as a sort of gift for reaching Staghood. =] But really, I think it's just because he misses Tempo.

Until next time.
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....anyway, I did specifically want us all to dance in that spot because of the fireflies. Seed has a small flair for the dramatic.
a unicorn roleplay site.
Check it out.
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Pega: O.o ..um...no

Pega: O.o ..um...no hurt?
And can Seed turn into a demon tree or a demon bridge? >X]
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Those lines...are not

Those lines...are not harmless.
They are the sibling of the Deermuda and come out only in the dark/red forest to suck out the brains of the poor deer who venture near, making them slaves of its wrath for eternity and beyond. Shocked


LUL I remember that dance.


I remember that dance. =]
Vipin was the grey one trying to be a carosel deer. x3
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@Barwick: Magnet: IF that's

Magnet: IF that's the case, then they are harmless. To Scape and me at least. XD;

Magnet: I know. I recognized you. =] Hello again.