10 years in TEF

I can't believe it has been already 10 years when I first joined to The Endless Forest

I went to look for my oldest and the first account I registered when I found this game in google pictures.
TEF Has been like a home to me, where I can just run to and feel safer. From the rocky start I had in tef made me learn a lot about myself and the journey wasn't easy at first.
I did bad things and I still regret them, but I wanna go forward and forget them.
I have made amazing persons in this game and they truly have become very close to me. I may not have that many friends in tef, but I'm glad I have those few close ones who have stayed with me the whole time.

I just want to thank everyone in TEF.
I have been inspired by every character in here and adored their journey. All the veteran characters to the new ones.
I have got a chance to be here and saw the journey of so many characters and their stories and I thank you all for sharing them with all of us.

I feel like I can't leave TEF. I have got thoughts about taking a break and coming back later, I tried that, but I realised that I just can't leave this place with so many memories, even so if there was bad ones too. I have been grown a lot together with TEF and I have started to be more myself than something else what I'm not. I have seen so many friendly people here and the spirit in the community is one of the reasons why I have stayed. We help and respect each other which I see as a big good in this community. Surely it's not always perfect, but looking it as A whole, I love it and will keep it as a home.

Thank you all for these years,
I wish you all the best!

May the journey still continue <3
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Happy 10, Hauta! It's been a

Happy 10, Hauta! It's been a pleasure to play with you for all these years and I'm glad to hear that you're not going to leave.
Thank you for your amazing art, your beautiful screenshots and high-quality Abiogenesis videos, but most importantly for being such kind and welcoming person, who's always up for some fun and ready to help others <3

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Happy 10 years

Happy 10 years Smiling

Thank both of

Thank both of you!

Urschanabi: Thank you for being one of the very energetic and friendly person in the forest! I have always had such a great times when you have been around and still are ^^ All the happy dancing to the running around the forest is so pleasuring.
Thank you for the compliments <3 May the screenies, arts and event videos show up in the future aswell Eye
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Happy 10 years!

Happy 10 years! <3

Thank you very much, Snow!

Thank you very much, Snow! <3
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Happy 10 years!

Happy 10 years!
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Happy tenth! ^^

Happy tenth! ^^

Wonderful post with a good

Wonderful post with a good message. Happy 10 years.

Thank you all!

Thank you all! <3
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Hey Hauta, welcome to the

Hey Hauta,
welcome to the "tenth"-club Eye I also could say club of oldies, but i´m a gentleman Smiling

I can´t believe that you are 10 years in TEF now! I enjoy every day we play together!

thank you for your nice words (you speak from the bottom of my heart).

all I can say, cheerio to the next 10 years!
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Happy 10 !!

Happy 10 !! <3

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Happy 10 ^^ mine will be next

Happy 10 ^^ mine will be next year I think. (Even though im basically a ghost now lol) So crazy to think its been that long.
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Pink: Hello Cu! Thank you! I

Pink: Hello Cu! Thank you! I have waited for this day to happen and finally can be really one of the oldies now haha. I can't believe that either, but kinda it feels like I have been here forever! I will wait for next parties we will do in forest when you come! Eye

Solaya: Thank yoooou <3

OrinocoFlow: Thank you very much! But oh! well then, happy 9 years for you! ^^ Yeah it's very weird to think it has been already like 10 years, uhhh, time flies.
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Happy 10 TEF years !!

Happy 10 TEF years !!
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

Thank you Vala

Thank you Vala <3