A wierd TEF dream....

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Yes believe it or not, I had a dream last night about TEF. Goes to show how obsessed I am with the Forest.

It was set up like I was playing the game. I woke Quad up and a few deer walked by and greeted him. Then all of a sudden a group of deer appeared out of nowhere, and were all dancing. Every deer had the DotD set on, and one deer was much larger than the other. I freaked because it was the Zombie Deer from the Halloween Abio. What was interesting was that the markings on the skull mask that were normally red were purple this time, like it was a 2nd generation mask where the red markings would have been a 1st generation.

So Quad immediately went over and cast an antler spell on the Zombie Deer. What is odd, though, is that what he got was like a colonial wig that extended down his face like a beard:

I couldn't find a picture of what the beard would look like, but it was like an Abraham Lincoln beard that was the same color and style of the wig above.

Anyway, I soon learned that more was added to the Forest....much more. There was a storyline going on where demons had arrived who would stalk the deer. Quad was hanging out at a tomb area (new addition to the Forest) that was supposed to be one of our favorite places because it acted like the Twin Gods statue where you could get spells from it. Well these two-legged dark creatures were in the area and they scared Quad off, then announced that the "tomb" was going to be shut down forever.

I wanted to get away from that area, so Quad ran off and soon found another new place, a large building. I remember him finding a chair and grabbing it with his mouth, hoping to use it against the demons if they attacked him. So he went into the building, and get this - it was a christian church that held religious ceremonies in-game. There were actually humans in the middle of a mass when Quad, this goofy-looking deer with a colonial wig, bursts in with a chair in his mouth. I was like, "Ah crap, I just interrupted the ceremony.", and Quad slowly backed out. I think the reason that was put in there was that M & A were trying to settle the religious dispute on the forums by including a church or something.

So Quad walked out and the Forest looked so much different with these new buildings and stuff there. He dropped the chair outside and walked off, and that was about the time I woke up.

I think if this really happened, Quad would go insane. I mean, with all these humans and demons walking around, the Forest wouldn't be safe anymore.
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Somewhat scary, but a very

Somewhat scary, but a very inspiring dream!

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul

WOW! detailed, hope ur ok, i

WOW! detailed, hope ur ok, i used to have freako dreams that used to scare the heck out of me when i was little. sry for that randomness X3

when i was VERY young i had

when i was VERY young i had a dream about monsters and we were hiding under tha bed and their was a large shadow casted over it, and it had large dripping fangs. and huge eyeballs with yukky pus and huge claws the size of a grown up i cant rember much but IT FREAKED ME OUT

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