We are ROCKIN this house, My Friends! =D

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Under cut~

PS - If this is one of you deer, name chu selves. xD

You know you wanna rock with us. ;D

Being tired is a bummer.

This pic is for you BB.

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most of my friends are there

most of my friends are there too, but im not going in big crowds like that, sorry. it too slow and my deer needs to take a break sometimes.

edit:also, take clear of the deer with the mini, real deer antlers, dotd pelt, and i forgot whatever the mask is called. he causes trouble to other deer. sorry to say that.
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It's ok. =)

It's ok. =)

Discord that I rarely use tamermist#7788
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aww! I love it! Rainat

aww! I love it! Rainat enjoyed much with you! <3
One look says it all ...