Ugh, why am I asking this? [Searching for Gen 1 pictos]

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I would firstly like to apologize 10,000 times over for asking this; I know people ask ridiculously, and especially on the Tales of Tales forum. But I have to ask...

Does anyone have any Gen 1 pictos they're willing to give away without wanting one in return, or wantart in return? I feel shoved aside because I cannot - will not - provide either, and it also makes me irritated because Gen 1 pictos are basically the equivalent of currency these days. =/

I'm looking for at least 2 Gen 1 pictos. One will be for Lacie (I'm so sick of her current one), and the other will be for another character.

If no one wants to give any away, I understand; but also understand that I'm going to be very fussy about the pictograms as well; typically, I'm attracted to ones with swirls in them (As a side note thing fff).

Ugh, again, I'm sorry about this...I feel like shit asking for this.

EDIT: I've decided on the two pictograms that I am taking. The pictos that I was holding previously are now open for takers again, if the owner doesn't mind.

I may still want to adopt any other Gen 1 pictos that come my way however; but I will only take them if I really want them.

Thank you to everyone who allowed me to hold/take their pictograms. I truly do appreciate this.

EDIT: It seems this thread has garnered some attention. I'll be keeping up a list of people who post in here looking for Gen 1 pictos. I will also be linking to any pictos they show interest in (Including myself).

Any pictos that people show interest in will be considered "off limits" to everyone else until the owner declares.

People looking for pictos:
> OokamiAzura
> Wetterhound
> Jala
> Dampir
> Selruil
> BambooKirin
> 1Antidote
> Starling
> EternalQueen

Pictos on hold until decisions are made:
> [x] *Wetterhound
> [x] *Dampir
> [x] *OokamiAzura -CLAIMED-
> [x] *OokamiAzura -CLAIMED-

I don't have any extras sadly

I don't have any extras sadly but bumping.
And aww, you're changing Lacie's pictogram? I always liked chasing that star at the edge of the screen &hearts.

I hope someday gen three pictos come out so I can watch people ask for gen twos

Mehhhhhh my heart goes out to

Mehhhhhh my heart goes out to you! D8>

I would toss Emdeaur's picto at you in a heartbeat, because it has the swirly and all...but I can't. <.> Once you have a picto for over three years, you just...I'dunno. It becomes -part- of you. Y'know?

Well, good luck in your quest, and don't feel bad for asking. I -know- there are people out there that would be willing to help you. You just need to ask. So you're already halfway there! 8D

Good luck. ♥
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edit: Argh, I misread, sorry.

edit: Argh, I misread, sorry.
Well, bump!

Siggy by Butterbrot <3
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Matthieu - I honestly have a

Matthieu - I honestly have a burning hatred for Lacie's picto; the only reason I even started using it was after a blog that Star's player posted a long time ago.

Her picto is just...not unique enough. Everyone and their brother has a star pictogram of some sort, and people who don't play 3.41 can't tell her apart (Especially seeing all the different sets she wears.).

I've been wanting to change her picto for god knows how long, and I want a Gen 1 for her...

Wetterhound - That's another worry of mine - people get connected to their pictos, lol. Another worry is if it's connected to an established character; a friend offered a Gen 1 a long time ago, but I refused because their character was so well known, it would just cause irritation for me.

I can't help but feel bad though, because I have nothing to offer in return...

Nnn <3

Nayu - Heehee, it's alright. (:
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Unfortunately I have no spare

Unfortunately I have no spare swirly-picto for you. I do have some first gens.. The only swirly picto I have is of this account! And even then I am hesistant giving them out. Certainly not because I want something in return, but because I feel a bit of a connection to each.
I do think Lacie's picto is unique though, I always recognise it easily. Which is quite the accomplishment for a second generation picto. (Really, ask around, I have a handicap with second gen.)
I understand your annoyance though. I'm not sure if I like seeing first gens as a currency.. But then again, if you can draw and you need a picto, why not use your skill. But perhaps it's a bit unfair.
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Misako, is it okay if I look

Misako, is it okay if I look at the others...? Swirly ones seem to be the ones that people want to hang onto the most, hahaha. ;;

Lol, awwww. That's kinda cool that you can recognize her picto like that.

Ugh, I really don't want to be drawing for a picto. I can't draw unless I'm inspired to, and if I was basically forced to draw, it would just be tedious, rushed, and not fun at all. =/ That, and again, I'm not as skilled as many other artists are. There are much more superior artist who are doing a similar thing, and they will be getting all the bites. =/
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Is a first gen I think I

Is a first gen I think I could give up. But it's definitly not the most charming one around I am aware.. Is one that looks a lot like my first deer's picto. Well, sort of. It'd be harder for me but I could give that one up.

But for both goes.. In order for me to give them up, I'd have to be absolutely assured you'd love it to bits. XD
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I think I have some Gen 1's I

I think I have some Gen 1's I could offer. Tracking, for when I dig them up later. <3
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Misako - I understand; I know

Misako - I understand; I know I wouldn't want to give a picto unless I knew someone really wanted it, hee.

I'll keep those in my memory banks for the meantime. I wanna sit on my choices a bit first, ne?

Lu - Okie dokie <3

youdon'tmindifistillcallyouluright? ;;
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youcansototallystilldothatlaciepoo. <3333
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"Laciepoo." Whut.


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:V I'm not responsible for


I'm not responsible for what keys my fingers choose to tap.

"I'm not responsible for what

"I'm not responsible for what keys my fingers choose to tap."

-snortlaugh- xDDDDDD

I agree. 112%
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I really want to change

I really want to change Oura's picto too. I just accidentally picked it ;_;. I can understand no one wanting to give up pictos though. I might just spend a day looking through Gen 2s ._.
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FFF LU. >8c Ourania - Ugh,

FFF LU. >8c

Ourania - Ugh, I've done that today, and Hell no. The Gen2 are so ugly it's just...-Throws up-
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I think I may have a few.

I think I may have a few. Give me a moment and I'll link them (:

[e] 1 2 3
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Hn, I really like that second

Hn, I really like that second one; I'll keep that one in mind.

I'm going to wait a bit longer and see if I get any more responses before I make my choices though, n'cha?

Fuuu I like that third one,

Fuuu I like that third one, Arrow! <8O

Sorry. Totally not my place to be asking for them. xDDD

But have a free bump while you're at it. 8D
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See the thing is, I'm

See the thing is, I'm actually most fond of the first one; my biggest gripe is that it's too similar looking to both Fay's and Slugg's pictograms. Which might make things messy, ROFL ;;

I really do like the second one though. Again, I'll be keeping it in mind. Thank you, thank you <3 (:
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Wetter, you're most certainly

Wetter, you're most certainly welcome to it if you'd like.

Whatever you decide, you can have them both if you want. I have no use for them.

:'( Aww... I really want a

:'( Aww... I really want a Gen 1 picto too, I was too afraid to make something like this though.
I hope you find a Gen 1 picto- have better luck than I have had finding one!
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Arrow.. could I take that

Arrow.. could I take that first picto? I really like it and look for someone who could give me away one Gen 1 picto.

Fuuu~~ -lateface is late- I

Fuuu~~ -lateface is late-

I can, Arrow? Aawheouasbeoubes. -collects jaw from the floor-

I would love you foreverrrr~~ Even though I already do. ♥♥♥♥♥'re so amazing. -wiggles-

-bumps this again-

>_>...Anyone else have a

>_>...Anyone else have a spare gen 1 to give?

Should we make a list...? -Of

Should we make a list...?
-Of spare picto's and people who need them?

This is a bit of a

This is a bit of a stretch...but does anybody absolutely LOVE Basil's picto?

I don't have any real need for it...lawl nobody even likes Basil. xDD

But...I'm all...attached to it. Y'know how that goes...

But if somebody absolutely adored it...I could give it up...
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Blog has been edited.

Blog has been edited. (: you mind if I sit on that one a bit? It like it's shape...

Go ahead and sit.

Go ahead and sit. ♥


But like I said...I've had that for almost as long as I've had Em's...and...yeah.

It's silly that even though I don't have any real use for it I still want to keep it. Gawwsh. xDD
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Lol, it's alright. I know

Lol, it's alright. I know people get attached to things like that. (:
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I know this sounds a little

I know this sounds a little selfish but can I trade anyone in return for another Gen1? ;_;
1 2 3
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I'd love a first gen to use.

I'd love a first gen to use. I feel guilty though as I'm an "oldie" from that era, but I didn't hoard like so many did... haha. I have two first gen pictos and that's it; Dag's and I suppose my "ooc", Uuo's.

I would love to trade for one if I had any spare (I think that's an awesome idea Starling), but all I can offer is a drawing really if someone is looking for something in exchange |'D

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;3; Would you trade that way?

;3; Would you trade that way? You don't have to do me anything big. Just a little doodle is fine with me; I've been wanting to see how people interpret Africa's design.
Perhaps-- but it all depends if you actually want any of my pictogram's ;O; They're certainly not the sexiest out of the ones I see here rofl ;u;
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Damn, that Hidra one is

Damn, that Hidra one is gorgeous. Hopefully you can get someone who'd be willing to trade. (:
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8D Really? Because hell yes

8D Really? Because hell yes I'd like to trade that way. Hoot is my favourite because I see why it was named hoot, and I like that... haha.

If you'd like to trade that way, would you like to add me to msn?

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Nyarh I changed my mind. I'll

Nyarh I changed my mind. I'll give these away for free. BECAUSE I NEVER EVEN TOUCH THESE PICTOGRAMS T_T
You can have Hidra if you want. And Dag, would you like any of the two? I would like to keep at least one though, just as an extra thing :D

[e] YES You can take Hoot! :'D You don't have to do any art in return. I feel quite bad haha <3

Ooohh....this is what I get

Ooohh....this is what I get for being late. xDDDD

I was gonna nab that last one of yours, Starling, but you said you wanted to keep the one, so, yeah. xDD

Why am I even still posting here. I don't need any more deer! <.> xDDD
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*Airpunch* Woo! Ummm I forget

*Airpunch* Woo! Ummm I forget how picto account switching works lol. Would you still be able to add me to msn please (if you have it...) because I keep all my accounts on a private email that I don't display ;D
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-Reserves Hidra for

-Reserves Hidra for self-

I'm actually kinda sort of waiting for Lu to post before I make any final decisions.

Not that I'm rushing you Lu, I just wanna wait and see what you have before I make the choices.



I forgot that I had this

I forgot that I had this picto, so if anyone wants it, go for it. I'll never use it because it looks so ugly to me.

I still hope to get one from somebody though...

>> I wouldn't mind one or two

I wouldn't mind one or two gen ones, if anyone wants to give one up...

-bump- And


And also... has msn? -spams with unnecessary things-

wetterhound (@)
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Yes, I do.

Yes, I do.

<3 (:


-added- <3

Jala; Now that I can actually

Now that I can actually see the picto, since my phone wouldn't show it x.x, I certainly wouldn't mind taking it off your hands. But if someone else wants it, they can have it. <3
It's all up to you. (:

bump. >u>

It's yours

It's yours <3

Could you add me to the

Could you add me to the "people looking for pictos" list?
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-Adds- (: Bump. This'll

-Adds- (:

Bump. This'll probably be the last bump from me...

If you were in that terrible

If you were in that terrible situation, where you had one of the oldies left, I would happily adopt, hehe C:

Just a little poke, it's not like absoluttely need one if there aren't enough.