Some make it look so easy..

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They are with two, come in pairs. The puppeteer and the stubborn puppet. He, enormous, retreated, makes no sound in his step. She, small, arrogant, has her head raised like she is the queen of the world.
She wears a fake halo above her head. Dubbed herself goddess. He has his head hung low, burden too much to carry.

Though, she, unlike him, is very much made of flesh.

Her face made of solid ice. Red liquid drops from her fingertips after cutting off part of her insides.
It glows in her hand. Within her ripped open abdomen, more lights glow.

She stops her pace in front of the two mothers. The big shadow looming over her shoulder.

She has to lift the glowing ball pretty high to reach the gentle mother’s crown. She also carried the little lights, but out in the open. They rested, danced on top of her tines. They belonged there.
The white father behind the goddess, stared at the pale faced mother second to the gentle one. This could very well be a warning without a threat. He, like her, kept a balance.
It was to be kept, his eyes said.

The Pale faced mother hardly moved, all her pent emotions held at bay whilst the gentle lowered her crown. They were the duality and the extremity.

Said the fake goddess.

The Gentle mother corrected her posture as the glyph became settled on her tines. The starry child quivered nervously, as if reluctant to leave the goddess. The other children that had rested on her tines began to flicker and dance around Sterre to welcome her. The pale faced beast watched on as Sterre began to glow brighter.

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Ah pfff. *Deep breath* How

Ah pfff. *Deep breath*

How long have I had Sterre now? How long have I struggled playing her? Quite a while I'd say. So months ago, it popped into my mind that perhaps it's unfair I keep her like this. And I started doing some thinking. And I guess, the conclusion I came to was that Kate would be a better player for her. I can't do the talk-between-characters thing, so Polt/Sterre never had any artsy fartsy possibility's at all. Now Sterre has a different player, we may see to more fun stuff in the future.
I don't like giving characters away, or having them die. They're very much a part of me. With Sterre I tried to replace what I lost with Polt, and it didn't work. It was also not fair on her. But yes, since they mean so much to me, I didn't just want to go "oh here this is the password, have fun." So now we get the first Misako/Xaler story! Where I try to explain a little bit how Misako plays a role in my deer their lives.

Ramble. A lot of major thank you to Kate/Parrot for helping me out, and taking Sterre ofcourse. ♥. I couldn't think of anyone who knew Polt better. Thank you for helping me with the text too.
Sorry for everyone who may be dissapointed by this. On the other hand, we may now actually see something of Sterre!

It's almost 2:30 and I have to pick up Vee from the airport tomorrow. So I'm gonna go faint now. Thanks. See ya!
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This idea? So awesome. You

This idea? So awesome. You have a very unique perspective of the forest.
Sterre. ♥ I'm glad she'll be played more!
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Now that thats all done I can

Now that thats all done I can comment too.
I am very much excited to play Sterre, we have the odd conversation, but soon enough it will grow into something stronger! Mis, you already know how much I adored all of this, even that text. You write beautifully, and the simplistic nature of the images works very well. I look forward to writing and creating more with you in the future <3

Leave it to both of you to

Leave it to both of you to make the exchange of a character between players so incredibly elegant and beautiful to experience. ahaha

I'm glad that you are doing what's best for yourself, Mis. I knew something was up with you and Sterre, but I'm happy for whatever you decide to do. I wish I could apologize for catalyzing Polt's departure with Wudiin's appearance, but we both know the past is the past. I wish I had known how much Polt meant to you, though. Naive as I was back then...
I'll admit I'm excited to see what Kate will do with Sterre, and judging by her new bio it looks like things will turn out quite alright.
I apologize if Sterre was a burden to you, Mis. But I'm glad to see her not fade away. <3 You have your reasons, and whatever they are they will always be fine with me. <3 <3

Also Mis + Kate = creative team of destiny powers with creative sprinkle sparkle kdlafjsklsdjf force

I will try my best not to let Otis be affected by this exchange since his player is, after all, aware of it. We will all do our best, I suppose. :]
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Oh hey look I can write

Oh hey look I can write comments and make blogs in my sleep..

Thanks! XD I don't know how unique it is, but I like to play with it.

Definitly! I'm looking forward to what'll happen between you two.

Yeah we just grab every chance we have to make something silly, rofl.
Hey, don't be sorry. ♥ things happen and it's quite a while ago! You didn't do anything wrong nor cause any of this. I don't think I even realized how much she meant to me until I was working on the departure blog with Kate.
Sterre wasn't a burden! And she was very much my idea as well XD There were a lot of invisible expectations of us (in our heads, I suppose) and we didn't seem to be able to make them come true. I can't really explain what exactly went wrong and where, and I'm ashamed I couldn't make this work out, but yeah. We thought this would be best.
Thank you ♥!
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Pffft, how lame am I that I

Pffft, how lame am I that I just now found this? XD

It’s beautiful though, I love all the symbolism between Kate and Mis’s characters. Beautiful art and writing.
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That was the shit. I love the

That was the shit.
I love the art and the concept of it all.