The elder deer accepted the forest gifts from others. Long companion deer took the moss given and made a mat by the small tree wrapped in ivy in the blue meadow surrounded by sycamore trees. Soaking the moss in water then brought to the elder deer let him sip while resting. Within that radius the elder deer functioned well. Others brought small trees they had uprooted with their antlers. Once arriving pawed the ground and placed in areas suitable for viewing from the moss mat. Some deer explored the water areas and found ferns. Placing the ferns where the sun beams streamed strongest broke it up a bit so the elder deer could remain in the dappled light. It made a lovely living fence that waved in the breezes as the day past. Others brought deer fairy plants for brunching since those plants had healing powers. Some realizing old age does not have a cure brought deer fairy plants that soothed and comforted. Mystic crystal revelations allowed when a deer becomes elderly. Other deer strategically placed plants around to make a path for walking. Something to view while waiting to transform from physical to just deer light. Who it helped the most became long companion deer. Joyful cuddles and communing had returned. Bellows and chat as each plant present came. Elder deer got up for short jaunts hunting the deer fairy plants among the blue foliage there. The flying deer had discovered long ago in the treetops and in the higher elevations of the Ruins air plants. They gathered those since they purified the air in an area. The ethereal look of the plants placed in branches low to the ground or even in the blue foliage made for creative thinking. Some deer took the air plants between forks of their antlers and tossed it around making some dance and others fall backwards on the back for a chortle. The elder deer told his stories to all of those he had known, of what he had learned, and how the forest had always taken care of him. Even now it did so. He talked of joining the other lights he had seen at the many gatherings by the twin gods. He hoped his color palette would be one that satisfied the soul of creative deer. Long companion deer received the help needed while enjoying a garden made just for them that they freely shared with all. No law exists for getting old.