Quad's Candid Camera: 6/18/08

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A few more from yesterday and some from this morning.

A few familiar pictograms

Reverend Jelly resting his chin on an antler.

Hey who is the fawn in this picture? I've been hanging out with them for the past few days.

Mommy was on, but she was asleep. I didn't get to meet with her.

Hey I know those pictograms!


Close-up with a head at the bottom.

Close-up with sparkles and Runa in the background. Laughing out loud

There are some wierd deer in this forest!

Now for this morning's craziness:


Quad learned a new trick at the river.

He freaked the two deer out....

Until they decided to sit on his head. :cry:

One fawn was having way too much fun!



Lots of deer around.

Mid-air jump, and my fawn friend left.

Hey remember last time I found Ghost hiding at the bridge, well I found someone else hiding today. Try to guess who it is, I gave you a hint. :oops:

I took this screenshot at the right time. Priceless!

Met a squirrel, and Quad made a funny face.

HAI! im your fawn friend Im

HAI! im your fawn friend Im mazey... er my fawn is mazey..... um WERE MAZEY! ha i got it we are mazey, ya u were lots of fun thanks for hanging out with me

Haaha im the fawn having fun

Haaha im the fawn having fun (not Witcher, Witcher is the nameless zombieish one)
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Nice to meet you Mazey!! I

Nice to meet you Mazey!! I was wondering who you were, and was glad to see you whenever you were on!
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Heheh, yeeaaaahhh.... Let's

Heheh, yeeaaaahhh....

Let's just say I got a disturbing pic of one of the other deer ontop of you that I didn't post up....unless you want to see it o_o''



Don't say I didn't warn you Puzzled

oh no that was witcher's

oh no that was witcher's fawn im the fawn with the m picto, i hung out with u for a longer time that day than witchers fawn.
p.s. AHHH EWWW that is messed
P.s.s No offence witcher srry
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XD XD XD Sorry, should have


Sorry, should have put something in that previous comment saying that I was talking to Witcher. My bad.

About that extra screenshot....I seem to accidentily catch those from time to time. I want to post them to show the deer that were in there but I don't want to gross everyone out (or give off the impression that I'm some sick wierdo. Puzzled )

thanks, i saw u yesterday

thanks, i saw u yesterday also, i was helping my friend on her account tho at her house ,she started yesterday, she has the square A pictogram