Quad's Candid Camera: 6/15/08

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Here's a few from yesterday and a few from today:


So I saw a few pictograms in the distance and decided to see what was up. I found the two deer in the picture below, secluded and....nuzzling each other over and over. Tilting my head, I tried to leave them to their nuzzles when one of them enchanted me and turned me into a bat.

So I sat down and they took turns stomping on me. 8O

So I hid and a tree.

"Where did he go?"

Now for today's candid shots:

Sure are a lot of deer here, especially fawns.

Quamar is priceless in this picture. Eye

Might have some more later on if I get on again today.
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Lol, I see an Auge in the

Lol, I see an Auge in the first shotss, and a Seele in some others later on~ Auge knew you always make pictures so she was trying to get into one. And she succeeded XD Ah, the lovely-dovely couple. I seem them often heheh. I knew there was more..

--Stays a lonely Seele