Peanut (WIP)

I'm still very new and will definitely update this as both Peanut and I develop!

Name: Peanut
Gender: female
Age: She's still a fawn, therefore still has a lot to learn and lots of room to grow!
Diet: herbivore, likes especially pine nuts and flowers!

I don't currently have a picture of her name sigil, but once I do I'll put it here lol

Peanut is a very curious and spunky thing. She doesn't have parents and I like to think she was born from the forest itself -- because of that, she likes to make friends. She likes it when her new friends dress her up, though she can't keep it as of now. Her favorite thing to do is to decorate herself with some flowers, even when they make her sneeze.
The forest is still large, new, and, well, Endless for Peanut right now! Like any other young'in, she tends to run manically in circles and pass out like the dead. And when she does sleep, she likes to bundle down close to a friend. And if the friend should leave, she leaves herself available for another friend to settle next to her.

That's all I have for now but this will be frequently updated as I think of things to add/Peanut's character develops!

Tracking! Sounds very cute

Sounds very cute and interesting Smiling

Signature art by Raz