origin story, of a kind

(so, capiteux can't type cuz of the whole hoof situation, but here goes ... )

capiteux is actually an antelope, but oblivious about it. and oblivious to all those kinds of divisions between ruminants that are based on size, or appearance, or ? (don't we all have the same four stomachs? aren't the very best of us all bovine anyway?)

to capiteux, The Forest is heavenly, because of its very purposeful exclusion of all the meaningless, excessive audible and visual NOISE that dominates other environments (and life, yes? (that's all so normalized now)).

everywhere else lacks mystery, imagination, artistry, depth.

for capiteux, dancing ! is best. but second best: just being still. resting. quiet.

capiteux invited a good friend to The Forest - a like-minded but much more tech-savvy goat named ruminane - but ruminane hasn't been able to get here yet. (while capiteux is blissfully unaware of divisions and distinctions between ruminants, ruminane is preoccupied with and distracted by them. (ruminane has always wanted to be ... I'm not sure ... ANYthing other than an ordinary goat.))

Hey, TMI, you hear me? Why

Hey, TMI, you hear me? Why you gotta tell all the deerpeeps I'm a goat? WTH? Like, WTH does that even MATTER here anyway? So I'm a goat? So what? (I don't even relate to ruminants the way you do: you KNOW I'm an elephant, you KNOW that. Or a wannabe. (Jungle Book all the way baby.))

Good thing I like you, capi. Still trying to get TEF to run right.

no offense ruminane - I LOVE

no offense ruminane - I LOVE the faces and hoof prints you made for us, especially so fast/on the fly - but your face didn't show ? your track/signature did ... ? text/pm me?

did you see there's an

did you see there's an aardvark here too?
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Lol, you guys Hello,

Lol, you guys Laughing out loud
Hello, aardvark here! *waves his paw*

Those are very nice pictures!
Unfortunately, userpics on this site have been broken since last year, so you can't upload them properly anymore. The only users who still have them are those who had uploaded their pictures before the feature got broken.
It's still possible to put pics in your signature though, there's a special field for that in your account settings.

@ruminane: what OS do you have that doesn't let you run the game?

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So, welcome again, an

So, welcome again, an antelope and a goat. I like your vibe.
Are your characters of any particular species? Asking for future reference sake.

Hey there. We like the

Hey there. We like the overall vibe here too. Great creative energy. *High fives the aardvark's paw*

O/S is Windows, but a version that's no longer supported. But I think that's probably okay, I think it's just processing speed. I think I read system requirements somewhere, that it needs 2GHz or thereabouts and I don't currently have that available so the framerate is dismal. It runs, but I can't log on. I'll download it eventually onto another machine with GHz to spare and hopefully it'll run right.

And thanks for the question, I didn't even think about it, but inside my plain brown mountain goat body, I'm an African elephant for sure. (Are mountain goats even goats? Or are they sheep?) Anyway, all I do is relocate my horns, I mean, antlers, into tusks and I'm good to go.

OH I just got the signature

OH I just got the signature to work - won't have to cut-and-paste a link to it anymore - thanks for the info Urschanabi - apparently I need a whole team of tech support for even the smallest thing, good grief!

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@ruminane: Hm, TEF usually

Hm, TEF usually runs better on older versions, so the problem must be somewhere else indeed. Can you see other deer in the game or is there no connection at all? Because if there's none, then it might also be your firewall or antivirus.

Yay, congrats! And hey, it sure takes time to learn everything here, and some things are just... far from obvious LOL. For example, it's better to post comments using the "Add new comment" button under the original post rather than the "reply" button under a comment, because the comments that have been replied to can no longer be edited by their author.

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thanks for that tip too -

thanks for that tip too - that explains why I couldn't/can't get rid of all the excess hoof prints, after finally getting the signature to work

I NEVER would have figured that out on my own - much appreciated
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No problem. Huh, this is a

No problem. Huh, this is a deer community, no wonder hoofprints are all over the place)

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Dang it all, I think I might

Dang it all, I think I might be a sheep. Sheep are nice, but they're not very smart.

So, I might be a sheep, but I've got a goat mentality for sure. Definitely more independent-minded than a sheep.

Elephant aspirations either way.

ruminane, Hm, it'd make an

Hm, it'd make an interesting challenge, maybe I'll draw a sheep-goat wearing a stylized elephant mask. We'll see, when I get the muse.

Thank you for your company at the Ruins yesterday. Today I'm lazing with rabba's deer, join us if you feel like lazing in a herd. I heard she welcomes fawns, pretty sure that includes antelope fawns, too)

ruminane: you get to

ruminane: you get to self-define, see? so, brown mountain goat it is. there you are. (and just pointing out, previous osprey and zebra aspriations, et al? chameleon is good too, you know)

Uitleger - hi, yes, I do like resting around the ruins especially and saw you there nearby - sorry I missed you on the day you wrote, but I'll look again for future herding opportunities

when next I play, I might be a full grown deer (! very exciting) - busy week this week, feeding others and overeating like we do in the states (but I still can't resist checking posts here - clearly addicted already)

happy T-day to anyone who celebrates it

Hey capi, others, maybe don't

Hey capi, others, maybe don't stay logged all the time? The site is obviously hackable, and I know you love the screensaver, but maybe don't? Maybe don't stay logged 24/7?

rum, The attack was on the

The attack was on the user database itself, so players' actions on tefc/in the game can't really impact anything. Contacting M&A about having your passwords changed may be a good idea, though.

Heeey Uitelger! We, or

Heeey Uitelger! We, or rather, capi, just located you near the creepy tree. I hear you but, the accounts getting hacked are super old. Plus some other stuff that capi's mentioned that seem strange, so, better safe than sorry; better to disconnect and ride it out. Been great trying to keep up with you, for a old skeleton deer you move way better than me!

hi! we just went to find you

hi! we just went to find you and logged-off. thank you for the advice about changing passwords. bon nuit ou bonjour ? depending on where you are, otherwise, reposez-vous bien ami.
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@rumi: I don't see how this

@rumi: I don't see how this could help, those old accounts haven't logged in in years, and yet they've been hacked. The active ones, on the contrary, seem to be ok so far.

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You're totally right. I'm

You're totally right. I'm confusing this site with the forest site and that's the site capi tries to stay connected to all the time, not this one. *Facehoof*