noob deer

thank you for the pelts and masks ? I have twice returned to The Forest and had a different appearance (one I was able to save, yay !) - and I don't think that happens by itself, does it ?

it's magical either way (whether it's gifted by another deer or it happens by some default) - I just wanted to say 'thanks' (and 'wah' !) if I missed interacting with someone

besides still being on a learning curve, The Forest runs inconsistently for me and I am disconnected sometimes for no reason I can discern (or, 'operator error' ? I am disconnecting myself without understanding how ? *cringe*) - so sorry to everyone I vaporize in front of and beg your patience
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Hello again, I casted a pelt

Hello again, I casted a pelt upon your deer yesterday (was trying to wake you up and invite you to sit with me and my friends Smiling).
You can save your pelt by clicking the Save button in the game menu. The game also automatically saves the pelt you're wearing when you quit, so make sure to sneeze off the one that you don't want saved before you close the game.

And yeah, it sometimes disconnects by itself, it's either unstable internet connection on your side or just the game server being down.
If it's the latter, you'll see it on the map. In this case someone usually shoots an email to the devs asking them to restart the server, but it may take some time before they see it.

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hi again - I always look for

hi again - I always look for you and Uitleger when I'm logged - you are both very welcoming - but you're not always there, even when the maps say you are - or else, probably, I just get lost easily and can't orient or navigate well enough to find you - noob deer all the way - even in such a small map - I'll just keep trying and roaming and hopefully, sometime when either of you log in, I'll be resting nearby ? or vice versa ? it happened just that way once before so I know it's possible - thank you again for casting magic !

Hey, cap. It was me who

Hey, cap. It was me who casted the red mask and the antelope pelt on you. As I recall, I stopped by your freshly grown-up deer at the Ruins and was surprised to see nobody had bar mitzvah'd you with some "clothes" yet. Ah, I remember the days I'd simply leave my deer sleeping in the forest and come back to find it in some weird spell set almost every time. Or my dear friend Vala chasing my deer down to spell him whenever I decided he'd walk around "naked". Looks like nobody's having that sort of random fun anymore. *shakes proverbial cane*

As for the appearance change going off by itself, I think I had that when there were 100+ players online and the server mixed their spelldata up, but it was so long ago I ain't sure it really happened, anymore.

In-game navigation is an acquired skill, for sure. I've been having trouble with it, myself, after my hiatus.
Anyway, always glad to see you join in, and I'll try to seek you out more often, as well.

it's been a fun mystery so

it's been a fun mystery so far, and lately I keep coming back as a bird !

for awhile I had a narwhal head ? (sans tusk, or maybe it was a porpoise or beluga whale or something - it's very hard to see the different masks), a peacock feather headdress instead of antlers, the various pelts - the antelope pelt was the first, so appropriate, and I thought I'd saved it, I'm pretty sure I did - I try to save everything and never want to sneeze anything off !

Holy crap, forget elephants,

Holy crap, forget elephants, I'm an effing NARWHAL.
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capiteux wrote:for awhile I

capiteux wrote:
for awhile I had a narwhal head ? (sans tusk, or maybe it was a porpoise or beluga whale or something - it's very hard to see the different masks)

It is, indeed, a beluga whale mask lol

capiteux, Hey, good to know

Hey, good to know there's been more gifters and the mystery is going on - it's one of those charming things about this place.
In case you haven't found it out yet: when you save your appearance, the game only saves one spell of each type (one mask, one pelt, one animal spell, etc.), and it's what'll show up on your deer when you load your appearance/log into the forest again: the spells casted on you previously get wiped out.
The game used to have a system where it would store all the magic you got in a file on your computer, so you could sneeze things off and find your earlier spells. Now, the spelldata is kept on the server, and you only can only have a sneezable stack until you log out.

You choose the eeriest animals somehow. Laughing out loud
The mask capiteux is currently wearing reminds me of elephants, btw. The ones with the smaller ears.

Uitleger, I hadn't got any of

Uitleger, I hadn't got any of that figured out - sometimes I think I've actively saved something, but more often I just get booted or I disconnect myself inadvertently before saving anything - I'll have to adjust my hopes around saving EVERYthing

also it makes perfect sense somehow, even though I want to save everything, that magic is impermanent and can't really be stored anywhere

post script: I'm certain ruminane isn't going for 'eerie' (rather, aspiring for giant beast status b/c of small goat complex, haha)

how is it some deer remain

how is it some deer remain sitting upright? as opposed to curling up to sleep after a certain period of inactivity?
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If you go to the Menu and

If you go to the Menu and uncheck the "Keep running in background" option, the game will freeze while you're tabbed out and your deer won't fall asleep. But then people won't be able to cast spells on you while you're afk.

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"I'm certain ruminane isn't

"I'm certain ruminane isn't going for 'eerie'"
I was referring to my own unease about said animals (guess my ancient relatives got jumped by a mammoth, so the fear is in the genes, now), but ty for sharing rum's secret with me. I'll take it to my grave. Eye

Also, what Ursch said, but there are some downsides to this:
your game won't be able to reconnect automatically,
newbies often go to the sitting deer for interaction and may get confused/discouraged after being "ignored",
if it's frozen for a long time, it'll glitch out when you tab in again (set won't save/load properly, deer'll be in all the wrong places, it'll freeze/boot you out, etc.)

thank you U and U - all good

thank you U and U - all good to know - also I tried it but missed the gentle screensaver rotation (which took a lot of fiddling to get it to work) - just didn't care for a static screen

also, pelts don't seem to stick to me, wah - antlers and the 'shrunk' spell have stuck, yay, but not pelts - I'm pretty sure it's just a glitch, and I'm alright with it, waking up 'naked' after every time I'm disconnected, but thought I'd throw it out to the wise ones, in case there's trick I haven't figured out

finally, in other noob news: ruminane logged-in sorta successfully - didn't move around very well, but it was the right pictogram (not my picto over an anon or 'guest' deer) - aaand ... I cast the narwhal head ! (ok, beluga mask) ha ha ! pleases me to no end !

@Capi: Careful what I wish

@Capi: Careful what I wish for? Ha, made me laugh too. And also WHAT THE HELL "Small goat complex?" Oh I hate it when you're right. I hate it. GAH. I'm totally going to overshare about you sometime. Just be ready.

@Uitleger: I'm glad your "eerie" is a subjective, inner "eerie" thing cuz eerie is more like bats or something. Or that giant squid from "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea." Or like, those crabs that run really fast sideways, in the millions, covering a whole beach. Super creepy. (No, I have no idea where that crap comes from.) Elephants, man, they are venerable beasts. So, the way it grabbed me, was that narwhals, which are REAL unicorns by the way, not imaginary ones (no offense to all the MILLIONS of people who love the imaginary ones), they are kind-of like, the undersea equivalent. And who doesn't dig that incredible, giant, off-center tusk? I mean, how incredible is that? I love the asymmetry. I want one. (Zip it capi. I can hear you already.)

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@capiteux: Saving pelts on

Saving pelts on mini deer is tricky, here's a step-by-step guide.
Also, the small goat complex, LMAO Laughing out loud

*sings that silly song*
"Narwhals, narwhals swimming in the ocean causing a commotion cause they are so AWESOME!"
They really are, I love 'em. Getting that mask on the first try must have been a sign! Should also get the Antelope/Gazelle antlers, I think they are the closest of what we have in game to a narwahl's tusk.
Please make a narwhal character, TEF needs it

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Jesus. Et tu,

Jesus. Laughing out loud Et tu, aardvark.

Hm, funnily enough, I don't find all these animals you mentioned nearly as creepy as elephants or narwhals. In those three cases I can instantly see that their appearance is the result of specializing to fill particular ecological niches. And then there's the walking wardrobes with hoses or non-unionized dolphins with drills which I'd have to read about just to understand why they even exist. Basically, the features that my brain can't quickly explain and finds excessive flick on my "Danger" switch. Although, there's an exception - horses. Everyone seems to love them for some reason and they do seem normal, but I'd rather hold roundworms in my hands than get anywhere near a horse. Tis one is a mystery. I'm betting on my ancestors having been kicked down by horses, as well. Must've been a weird life.

Urschanabi - thank you - I

Urschanabi - thank you - I followed the guide and it worked - I'll have to do it every time though, so hopefully I'll get the steps memorized

and of note, the 'pray' action isn't available to mini-deer ?

^ Yeah, minis and small

Yeah, minis and small animals can't use it.
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@Uit: What? By now you

@Uit: What? By now you could've guessed I have a soft spot for some weird-looking animals! Sticking out tongue

@capi: Np, I'm sure you'll memorize them easily after doing it a couple of times!

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@Urschanabi: *Guffaw* "Jedis

@Urschanabi: *Guffaw* "Jedis of the sea." Right ON.

Lordy the narwhal song is almost as inspired as the Rainbow Bunchie song you posted for Yve_Gin's Naomh. That just killed me.

And I'm sure capi'll get a big kick out of trying to stick some antelope horns on me while I stand there like a dork. I really do have it in mind to get another machine to run TEF right, just waiting until the big capitalist orgy is over that is the holiday season in the states.

@Uitleger: Hm. Alright. I agree that people love horses, but, don't they love a romanticized version that's actually broken? I think you might have a bead on the real thing. Anyway, to each their own, right? I say, specialized evolutionary features can still be effing creepy: The bulbous eyes and high-as-a-kite dilated pupils of everything that evolves in darkness, for example. Eerie, hands-down, even if the critter is super cute and harmless. Also, like, I don't mind the puzzle, if it's not obvious or my brain can't put it together, I'm okay with the NOT knowing what something's for. Or even better: Maybe it has no purpose. Giant tusks: Are they for fighting? Are they for digging? Maybe no. Maybe they just look really cool BaHahaa. *High five*

Edit: Changed "his own" to "their own." *Respect*
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@ruminane: Haha, yeah, I

Haha, yeah, I remember that one. Naohm's smile is to die for, no doubt about it Laughing out loud

Also, that last passage ending with your high fivetm, I couldn't help laughing))) Imagining a narwhal fashionista now Cool

Btw, have you heard of our legend Theano yet? You should check out their posts, something about your comment tells me you might like their writing style.
Haven't heard from them lately, hope they're doing well and will bless us with more writings soon.

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@Ur: Reading/absorbing,

@Ur: Reading/absorbing, thanks for the link ... and encourage EVERYONE to sing and bounce-along with Rainbow Bunchie. Seriously, whatever your issues or problems might be, you'll totally feel better, or at least crack-up for a whole minute.

@Ut: Hope I didn't offend somehow. Have a feeling I might've. I'm a pygmy goat (that wants to be a narwhal): I have a clumsy personality. Oblivious most of the time, where capi is like, aware, you know? Any friend of hers is a friend of mine. She's the real gem for sure. I'm just a tagalong. Any friend of capi's is a friend of mine. *High hoof* ?

rum, *high hoof* Hey, rum, no

*high hoof* Hey, rum, no offense whatsoever. I tend to go radio-silent on TEFc when my life gets hectic, and it can be hard to come back to this peaceful place, and this is what happened.
Now that the holidays are almost over (at least), I will return to tefc and my replies, soon. P.S. you're both gems, imo. Missed ya.
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Hey, capi and rumi! Glad to

Hey, capi and rumi! Glad to see you both in the forest, I really like your current sets.
Btw, is everything ok with your accounts here on the community site, can you still post comments?

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hi there - I haven't had any

hi there - I haven't had any trouble, and hopefully this comment uploads alright - the hacked accounts seem very random?

and I'm especially fond of the peacock on ruminane, so appropriate
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Yeah, seems to be fine! We

Yeah, seems to be fine! We were worried that you might be having some issues, because your accounts were among those that got deleted a few days ago, when there were troubles with the website.
But it looks like they both have been restored without any damage, thankfully!

Haha, a peacock narwhal! Now that's a concept, I hope it gets drawn one day.

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HEY @Uitleger: You're the

HEY @Uitleger: You're the only deer besides capi that i've actually interacted with. Urschanabi and others were nice enough to gather while I was resting on the rocks the other day, but I've had no "live" interaction 'til just now. I just don't log that often. (And when I do, of course, I look for capi.) Thanks for doing all the deer things! I was just cracking up trying to hit whatever action button was for "I'm confused!" Fun and too funny.

@Urschanabi: Thanks for the company on the rocks the other day. And nothing's been odd on my end, in terms of logging on and off and whatnot. Capi logs and catches-up on forum art and reading more often than me. No issues. She created both our accounts, I just made the drawings and hoofprints. Neither of us put anything out there that could be commandeered (comman"deer"ed, see that? LOL *High hoof*) or compromised or whatever. The only indication there was anything wrong with the site, was the obvious weird bot solicitations coming from actual accounts. (Which Draak just guillotined. Right? Just EXCISED that shit. Wish we all knew how to do that, like, in LIFE.)

And HELL yeah I have a natural innate kinda pygmy-goat-wannabe-narwhal gait. Okay, strut. I strut. I do. I own it. I like it about myself. Peacock all the way. *High hoof*

rum, Ha, yeah, had to give

Ha, yeah, had to give you one of those classic forest welcomes. Consider your confusion an important part of your initiation. One of us, now.
And you just happened to catch my deer in his active phase. He either sleeps hard or parties hard, there's barely an inbetween. Hopefully next time cap will be awake to join our conga line.

Hey capi, don't stay logged

Hey capi, don't stay logged all the time okay?

Hey all, is there way to run the screensaver without her being logged all the time?

Yeah, there is. If you rename

Yeah, there is. If you rename the "Tale of Tales" folder to, say, "Tale of Tales_0" or something, and run another, fresh installation of the game, you'll be able to play as a Guest deer (it's the default setting). If you log into the game, however, you won't be able to go back to being a Guest, so it's best to keep both versions of the game installed (one with the Guest setting, and the previous one with your account) to jump between as you like.