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I came up with one of those Facebook meme things - You have your very own TV station where you get to pick the shows that are aired, regardless of what network or channel they are shown on. If you had up to 10 shows to pick, what shows would definitely be on your TV station? You can pick anywhere from 1 show to 10 shows, and it can be anything from reality TV, cartoons, anime, documentaries, and so on.

Here are my picks, not necessarily in any order:

1 - The Steve Wilkos Show (UTV)
3 - Ghost Adventures (Travel Channel)
4 - Ancient Aliens (History 2)
5 - South Park (Comedy Central)
6 - Beyond Scared Straight (A&E)
7 - Hell's Kitchen (FOX)
8 - Kitchen Nightmares (FOX)
9 - Survivor (CBS)
10 - The Walking Dead (AMC)

Notable runner ups for my list - Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern; Gangland; Hoarders; Intervention; Lockup; Dateline NBC's 'To Catch A Predator'

Feel free to post your picks below.
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Most of my picks are obscure

Most of my picks are obscure and no longer running.. Can't think of them..
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The Quad channel would be on

The Quad channel would be on my to-watch list!

1 - Arrested Development (Fox)
2 - Lost (abc)
3 - Father Ted (Channel 4)
4 - The Office (NBC)
5 - The Catherine Tate Show (BBC One)
6 - NOVA (PBS)
7 - MythBusters (Discovery)
8 - Speed Racer (Fuji TV)
9 - The Walking Dead (AMC)
10 - My Little Pony (The Hub) (don't judge >:I )

1. New adventures of old

1. New adventures of old Christine (On a few stations)
2. Real housewives of Atlanta (Bravo)
3. Roseanne (?)
4. Glee (Fox)
5. PLL (Pretty Little Liars) - (Family channel?)
6. Animal cops (Animal Planet)
7. Grey's Anatomy (?)
8. Catfish (MTV)
9. Law & Order SVU (?)
10. Kath & Kim (Australian series... not on anymore BUT IT IS IN MY HEART!)

I'm sure there are some I missed, but these came to mind... Mostly certainly not in order.

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The Walking Dead Adventure

The Walking Dead
Adventure Time With Finn and Jake
The Office
Kitchen Nightmares
What Would You Do?
America's Funniest Home Videos
The Steve Wilkos Show
Beyond Scared Straight and
Seinfeld. :3

AW MAN, CATFISH... I may swap that for Kitchen Nightmares.
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Daily news of the forest (

Daily news of the forest Eye ( If there was one lol )
How i met your Mother
American Horror Story
True Blood
The Rock Show
Tim Allen Show
Top Gear ( Uk )
Star Trek
Dr. House
Grey's Anatomy
And lots more ...but i can't remember them now Laughing out loud

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I still need to watch that

I still need to watch that Catfish show, I keep hearing how good it is.