(Non-TEF) Quad needs music!!

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I'll remove this once I've gotten what I need...XD

In my pursuit of awesome music, I've gotten to a point where I don't have enough relaxing, soft music for days I am in a mellow mood.

Could I ask for some suggestions for some relaxing music? It can really be anything - classical, orchestral, soft rock, ect...

I really wanted to listen to such the other night and realized my iPod mostly has post grunge and metal

An entire album would be great too. I'll most likely grab something off of iTunes so I may want a whole album.

Also I kind of was thinking about something with a female singer, but that's not mandatory.

Thanks guys. I know you all have an appreciation for music, especially ambient stuff to draw/write to, so I know you'll have some awesome suggestions
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Nox Arcana? They do a lot of

Nox Arcana? They do a lot of dark ambient classical stuff.
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I always find Michael Bublé

I always find Michael Bublé is good for a mellow mood Smiling
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Man, I`d love to help, but I

Man, I`d love to help, but I mostly listen to variations of rock, mostly Queen XD

Hvae you heard of Evanescence? They`re a somewhat heavy band, but they have a very talented female lead singer, and their music is pretty inspiring.
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Ooh... Wish I could help you

Ooh... Wish I could help you here.... All I can do is name some country/folk bands! xD
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Thanks guys, I'll look into

Thanks guys, I'll look into these!

I randomly decided to look up 'deer' on iTunes, and came across Adrienne Pierce, with the album called 'Oh Deer'.

And after listening to a few songs, I think this is what I had in mind.


I know I've heard of Nox Arcana, I'll certainly have to keep them in mind.

I never thought about listening to Michael Bublé, but he's got a nice voice, so you may have made me a fan XD

And I know Evanescence pretty well, my brother really loves them. But I was looking for something a little more softer, thanks for the suggestion though Eye
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Thomas Bergersen has some

Thomas Bergersen has some softer instrumental music.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gvKpKnKocU Elizabeth Fraser's voice is magic.
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Two steps from hell have some

Two steps from hell have some gentle tracks. best of luck with your hunt
When the wind howls the trees scream
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I find myself listening to

I find myself listening to this quite often. ^^

// Another Michael Bublé fan raises hand .u./
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Got a few things that might

Got a few things that might do > w <

Okay, let's see...

Aaand that's pretty much it TwT I figured I'd suggest some unprofessional stuff mostly, because how else would you hear about it? > w <
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David Helpling and John

David Helpling and John Jenkins have some really beautiful music Smiling
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Thanks everyone! These are

Thanks everyone! These are great, and I'll definitely use this when I need some more relaxing music!

I ended up downloading that Adrienne Pierce album, it is really pretty and of course the cover having to do about deer... XD

Also Jala, I played that video with the violinist to my aunt and she flipped out. She and I both agreed that he is amazing!
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Okay in general is a super

Okay in general is a super mellow band.
Anything by Lucky Dragons is awesome as well! They're especially nice to listen to with headphones. Morning Ritual and Mirror Friends are two of my favorites that you can find on Youtube. (but be careful watching their videos--they have a lot of flashing pictures :/ )
Joanna Newsom has cute, rambling, story-songs. Some of them remind me of The Path a lot.

And last but CERTAINLY not least, Cake on Cake! If anybody is in the mood for cute, simple songs, definitely give her a listen. Her songs are hard to find on Youtube, but there's Francoise (music video is really weird and kind of gross so I wouldn't recommend watching it) and Dreams Will Come True.

OH WAIT if you're in the mood for some lounge-y, jazz-y music, Tak Shindo is great! c: