~When in the springtime of the year {Sage} when the trees are crowned with leaves~

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When the ash and oak, and the birch and yew

Are dressed in ribbons fair

"Is something the matter, dear?"

Went about her usual routine; chose a random flower patch to settle down in and practice her meditation. A little while later was disrupted however, from a commotion coming from behind her. Got up and turned around, witnessing a fight between a familiar stag (Leonardo) and a red one. Looked on, watching as Fletcher dove in the fray. Concern grew for each individual, especially now that more deer had congregated, one of them being the smaller doe, Halla. Eventually the fight moved off a ways. Noticed Fletcher had hung back; caught his eye, wondering what on earth all the fuss was about..though of course, it wasn't her place to ask. Broke eye contact when she turned back around to sit, though watched as he moved to settle down next to a tree a few yards away.
Was taken slightly by surprise when a brightly hued doe approached her (Tempest). Greeted her, her warm-colored pelt capturing her fascination. Focus however turned to the others that had been with the doe (Umay and Morikiah). Greeted them as well, noting how all three had intriguing physical features. After a time was asked by the warm-hued doe to sit with them. Turned to the others, looking for their approval; the polite thing to do anyway. Pleased when they obliged, and settled down with the group, happy to meet new faces. Some time later, bid them farewell when they left.
Had dozed off for quite some time, and awoke to see Ruin nearby. Got to her feet and went over to greet the young fawn warmly, pleased to see her again. Confused however when it seemed something was bothering her, and looked in the direction that she was gazing in. Noticed Fletcher watching them; further confused, had something happened between them? Was soon asked to follow by Ruin; agreed, and trailed after her toward the Idol. However, she looked back over her shoulder at the stag, and nodded at him to follow as well. Once they reached the Idol, she made herself comfortable next to Ruin. Saw that Fletcher was still a distance away; is wondering what is on the stag's mind, and why Ruin seemed upset.

*Mental-100% | ~Physical-100%
Confused, concerned

When owls call the breathless moon

In the blue veil of the night

The shadows of the trees appear

Amidst the lantern
l i g h t


Name~ Sage
Identity~ [x]
Age~ Adolescense; Ageless
Gender~ Female
Orientation~ Heterosexual
Species~ TEF deer + unknown species
Looks~ Crying Idol pelt, DotD antlers, skull mask; real deer muzzle underneath
Voice~ As soft and soothing as the whispering wind
Speaks in~ #F76541; Coral
Scent~ Poppies, honey, a whiff of fresh air

We've been rambling all the night

And some time of this day

Now returning back again

We bring a garland gay


~Skull mask is decorated with nature designs in berry juice and moss, as proof that beauty and joy can come from any hardship and suffering.

--Was given a different mask by Verve. Keeps and switches between both however.

~Collects feathers. Any vibrant bird feather she finds laying around, she'll take it and store it amidst the rocks at the Playground. Has two feathers behind her right ear, given to her by her mother.

~Meditates in any flower patches, though loves the poppy patch the most.

~Loves all kinds of weather. If it's snowing, she'll romp and hop through the glittery powder and try to catch snowflakes on her tongue. If it's storming, she'll let the rain fall on her muzzle and soak through her fur. Enjoys lightning. She'll sit out and watch the dazzling light show in fascination.

~Adores all creatures. Even if she's chased by a predator or any other being, she doesn't spite them. She simply feels sympathy and understanding toward them, as she feels that there's good within that needs to be brought out, or that it's just their nature.

~No one is rock hard. There's mushiness within.

~Pelt like a cardinal, eyes the tint of a bluejay's feathers,
and slit pupils like a cat with long, luscious eyelashes; eyes are big, but soft and reassuring.

Who will go down to those shady groves

And summon the shadows there

And tie a ribbon on those sheltering arms

In the springtime of the year


Seed - mate {9/2/13}




The songs of birds seem to fill the wood

That when the fiddler plays

All their voices can be heard

Long past their woodland days

Art by Me

Art by Others <3

by Sessy:

by Wingeddeer:
by Kikistar2:
by Seed:
by Wiana:
by xixi:
by Acer:
by Magnanimous:

Writing <3

by Sianna:

And so they linked their hands and danced

Round in circles and in rows

And so the journey of the night descends

When all the shades are gone

A garland gay we bring you here

And at your door we stand

It is a sprout well budded out

The work of our Lord's hand




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*selfish page yionk*
*lathers new page in honey* |D
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funny gifs

He hesitated for a mere moment before shifting to look at Sage's eyes.Pale yellow into crystaline blue.
"Well,Angel and I were having a petty squabble the day before.I had another dear friend with me,Allison,trying to hinder me,but I could'nt stop,so I snapped at her to stop meddling in my affairs here...Right after I promised I would never hurt her...But I don't blame anyone for that,only me." He whispered.
"And now,i'm worried of what Allison thinks of me...What should I do?" He dipped his head lower so that the tip of his bony muzzle touched the red lady's shoulder,feelings of guilt and regret threating to engulf him in a wave.He loved the little flower doe as a friend,and now he was afriad if he had broken her trust.

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CB The scarlet doe listened


The scarlet doe listened to him with undivided attention, and didn't interupt until he was finished. She raised her head, sympathy apparant in her eyes as she turned her neck around toward him so she could see his golden eyes. "These things are common, I will not deny. What I suggest you do, is to find Allison again and apologize to her. You did not mean to hurt her, and she should know that. If you do go to her and apologize, and she refuses forgiveness, give her time. If she is as you say, a dear friend, then she should accept that it was simply a mistake." She smiled at him encouragingly, cocking her head slightly. "Everything will be alright in due time, Don, you'll see."
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He nodded in acknowledgement

He nodded in acknowledgement to her words.He was glad when Angel forgave him for being a jackass,they seemed to do it alot to each other anyhow,but this was his first snap with Allison. "If she forgives me...I dang well hope she does.I did'nt know I was prone to overreacting like this,if you could call it that."
His bony head lifted again,rubbing his neck on the does own.
."Thank you,Sage,I needed that...I'll go to her next time.And face however she reacts." He murmered,again his head making itself comfortable on her back.Wondering how this unuque doe came to be so wise,perhaps,anothher time,he would ask.

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Ookyyy! 8'D

Ookyyy! 8'D <3

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Track. x)
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Hehe thank you! :'D♥


Tracks <3
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It was a wonderful evening

It was a wonderful evening ....So long time not seen ...Was really happy Eye
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track <3
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Fly: Same here, I'm so glad I

Fly: Same here, I'm so glad I was able to join in the fun cB We'll have to do this again sometime! ♥

Tornpaw: Thank you! 8'D♥
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Don now has something new to

Don now has something new to tease her about <3

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LOL FFFFFF Don you lovable

Don you lovable troll you Cx ♥

And one more track. xD

And one more track. xD
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Haha thanks again! xD&hearts;

Haha thanks again! xD♥
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Aren't we a crazy Bunch

Aren't we a crazy Bunch Laughing out loud Laughing out loud
Missed those days with you Eye
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Haha oh wow, that was great.

Haha oh wow, that was great. I got some good laughs out of that 8'D
Ahh yeah, those were the good ol' days, button mashing and break-dancing. Likewise! I'm really glad I got to do it again with you <3
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lol ....Breakdancing

lol ....Breakdancing Laughing out loud
Changes from only sitting and sleeping Eye
I hope we can meet again soon .... Smiling
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Aderpderp track!

Aderpderp track!
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Thank you! :'D♥


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Just curious; do you have MSN

Just curious; do you have MSN at all, and if so, may I add you? o:
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jala: eee *clings to* ♥

Silverfang: Yes I do! My msn is
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Cool! Added. ♥ My own MSN's btw, haha. c:
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There was simply nothing he

There was simply nothing he had to do today; that was why he was still sleeping. In fact, Kartex rarely had anything to do any days, even when he was lucky enough to have company. This was a little disappointing to him, but winding up here was the best thing that had ever happened to him, and so he would remain content with his situation.

Until he realized what exactly that situation was at this very moment.

Having let up its assault, the snow fell more casually now, small and gentle flakes falling lightly to the ground and clinging to anything they touched. Thin beams of light trickled in through the forest canopy whenever the clouds parted enough to let it through. The ferns the ice stag was huddled up against had crystallized on contact with his body, and glistened like glass in the fading light. A small trickle of sunlight was all that stirred him from his sleep, landing square on his face and making him squint, hoping it might go away on its own.

But it didn't, and so instead, he opened his eyes ever so slowly and yawned.

Blurs of colour rushed into his eyes, seeming so bright in contrast with the darkness of sleep he'd awakened from. An unfamiliar one was the predominant; bright red. What was this? What could be red? All too quickly his vision focused cleanly and he was face to face with two giant blue eyes on a crimson face, staring intently into his own. Kartex let out a startled yell and dove away from the giant head, much too close for comfort. In his shock, he lit up the entire area with a fresh blanket of frost, re-freezing any of the grass that might have melted its ice thanks to the sun. It wasn't a particularly dignified yell, but it could have been a lot worse.

Sitting back on his haunches much like a dog, wide-eyed and panting for breath, he was able to get a better look at the doe. His shoulders dropped in relief. She wasn't scary, at least.. or not from a safe distance anyway. With his heart still hammering in his chest, Kartex swallowed back any nervousness and hesitantly perked his ears up.

"Uh.. hi.. can I help you with something?" Or were you just watching me sleep for kicks? He really didn't want to know.
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The crimson doe, believe it

The crimson doe, believe it or not, had also fallen into the same predicament of nothing much to do. Of course, there was always meditation that could be done, or taking a leisurely stroll through the blanketed forest...but today, she felt like being social, and one stag in particular had grabbed hold of her attention. Whether asleep or awake, if an interesting deer caught her eye, she would investigate, and of course this stag was off in dream land.

With her head cocked, the scarlet doe had made her way over to the peculiar looking stag...a stag made of ice, or so it seemed. He was decorated in icicles, and his coloration was that of their surroundings. Could it be a creature of the winter season? If so, this was a real treat.

He was nestled down in some ferns next to one of the giant purple flowers. She settled down right next to the flower, letting the flakes of snow gently land on her bright red fur as she gazed at the wondrous creature. What a privilege this was to let her gaze fall upon such a being as he, a deer of the snow and ice. She looked him up and down slowly, taking in his features. Oh how tempting it was to reach out and touch one of the icicles protruding from his shoulder, but, alas, she knew her manners, and would not invade his space. Though without herself really knowing, she had leaned in closer for a more detailed look, mesmerized by the shiny, glassy looking texture of his coat.

Suddenly, she blinked as she realized he was waking up, but didn't lean back just yet. Although, perhaps she should have, for her close proximity had suddenly sent him leaping off a couple yards. She too stood up, though slower than he, and the fact that the grass had frozen up when he came into contact with it had not gone amiss. How intriguing and extraordinary this stag was.

"Uh.. hi.. can I help you with something?"

Her ears pricked, and her eyes turned upward from the frozen grass to his glossy looking face. "Oh, I do not wish to seek help for anything, I have simply been admiring how extraordinary your features are. I have never laid eye upon a creature of the ice before." She took half a step forward, cocking her head slightly, and then gave an apologetic smile. "Ah, I do apologize if my..observant actions have proved most awkward for you. Forgive me if that may be the case, I have no ill intentions in mind."
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Kartex took a step back from

Kartex took a step back from the red doe, tilting his head off to the side curiously, looking her over this time. The skeptical look on his face quickly softened into a more curious one. His breathing slowed as he gathered his wits about him; as he shook, as if to shake off the startled feeling, a few small icicles shed from his coat around the shoulders and hip. His ears perked up. She found him.. interesting? Well it was much better than scary or intimidating. Ironically, one of his greatest fears was that others might be afraid of him.

"Oh.. really? You think I'm.. extraordinary?" It sounded like a compliment. It was spoken genuinely at least. While not made of ice, he certainly looked it, he would give her that one. A small smile made its way onto his face. Alright.. now that he was over the heart-attack, here was a chance to make a new friend.

He took a few gentle steps forward, leaving frost over the ground wherever it was not already frozen.

"My name's Kartex.. who are you, if you don't mind me asking?" She was a little strange but she certainly didn't seem dangerous. Any voice was a friendly one after having been alone for so long.. without counting his own, whenever it got too quiet for comfort. Hopefully that habit would be rid of itself rather quickly, lest he leave some odd impressions on the other forest residents in passing.

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"Oh.. really? You think I'm..

"Oh.. really? You think I'm.. extraordinary?"

She nodded, her smile genuine, blue eyes warm. "That I do. Unique, you are, for I have never seen such a deer portraying that of the winter season upon themselves physically. You are one of a kind, and that makes you extraordinary, besides your personality of course."

The crimson doe stayed where she was as she watched him take a few steps toward her. Her gaze traveled down to where his foot falls were, and noticed the ground freezing where he stepped. Very interesting.

"My name's Kartex.. who are you, if you don't mind me asking?"

She swept her gaze away from his hooves and back up to his face, her head gently cocking first one way, then the other. "Kartex.." she said to herself, testing out the flow of the letters. "A strong name, suitable for ice, and the strength icicles possess to hold on to the branches of a tree...though strong, also wonderful, and wise." Taking a step forward, and nodding her head once, she answered, "I am Sage, like the undergrowth between the trees, whispering in the wind. It is a pleasure to meet you, Kartex, deer of the ice."
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His muzzle flushed with

His muzzle flushed with flattery; a deep blue, like the cold blood running through his veins, and his eyes lit up. The impulse to wag his tail went unnoticed by his nerves, instead held heavily still by the drape of ice feathers over his haunches. Front hooves kneaded into the snow beneath them, leaving dainty little prints ever deeper each time they touched down.

"It's nice to meet you Sage. Would.. would you like to see what else I can do?" Tiring himself out a little seemed worth it. He was excited to be able to share his talents with someone else who was actually interested in them.
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Her ears pricked, bushy tail

Her ears pricked, bushy tail smoothly moving back in forth in anticipation.

"You have other skills?" she asked, her excitement and interest evident in her voice. "Why of course, I would be most honored to see what other talents you possess." She stood up straighter, her head cocked again and inclined toward him, very much interested to see what else he was capable of doing.
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When Sage next went to a spot

When Sage next went to a spot she frequents, she'd find a sheet of birch-bark, with letters carefully written in blueberry ink.

"My dearest Sage,

How have you been? I've been thinking of you often, of course, and decided to write to you. It's...Something I don't really do often, compose letters, so you'll have to forgive me if I'm a little rusty.

How have you been? I've been keeping well. Some interesting things have been happening.
In the end, my daughter Complex didn't participate in the rut after all. I think...She felt excluded, and neglected. It might be she's too free-spirited, too enamored of play, to really fit in with such an event.
I thought I'd feel relieved, but instead, I'm disappointed. I guess that's a father's love: it's one thing to want her safe, but I want her to be happy as well.

It's nearly time for The Great Zombie to return, and his bed of fog -- and that, in and of itself, is exciting. I don't care for his brand of magic, but... His breath is cool as ice, and the fog spreads around him like wind. He fascinates me, and seems to me to be all but divine. I cannot help but be awed by him, and excited to see him once more... I have a feeling you, of all deer, will understand this.

As for more personal news, there's really nothing that involves me. As I compose this, my mind drifts through my surroundings and I try and think of something important to say, but just have to content myself with the first poem that pops into mind:
Under willow trees
The green fronds across my back,
you across my heart.

Love, love, a million times love,

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I was attracted to this

I was attracted to this beautiful bio by the song lyrics in the title. "The Mummer's Dance" is one of my favourite songs! >3<

I read through the "traits" section, and I think I really love this character. Do you suppose you might like a new friend for her? My character, Adrien, would probably find her very attractive. c: (I wouldn't ask you to engage in any sort of romance or weird stuff like that, though, so please don't let that drive you away. lawl)
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Seed: eee I still love this.

Seed: eee I still love this. Sage will have to reply sometime once I get the time to whip something up <33

Grammershine: Hey that'd be great! Sage would love to have a new friend around. Feel free to approach and say hi whenever you see her in the forest! ♥

And, I love the song as well. It's what gave me the inspiration for her character <3