The Girl in White.

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Based on The Girl in White from The Path.
mental: 100%
physical: 100%
thoughts: ...

recent events; --

Name: Unknown
Alias: The Girl in White; White
Age: Thirteen years or so
Sex: Female; ♀
Species: Originally a human, has the build of a sika deer
Voice; Soft, gentle and mature, almost motherly
Speaks like: "This."
Orientation: Unknown
Set: Permadevout/Idol. Crying. Nubs.
Scent: Faint vanilla/strong spice

Flyleaf: Curious.
IX: Curious/likes.
Kahli: Unsure/fears.
Lacie: Likes, fond of.
Saosin: Curious.
Spyrre: Curious.


Human appearance. Thick, snow-white fur. Bone-coloured hooves. A pale face. Large brown eyes. No antlers. Playful, innocent, helpful. Tries to help others in any way she can; will usually be hurt in the process. Nothing much is known about her, though she often slips away when with others, only to be seen returning a few days later. Loves to play; chasing butterflies is a pasttime of hers. Has a violent side. Quiet, likes to keep to herself and often believes she is not wanted around, due to the apparent misfortune she brings with her presence. Tries to stay away from wolf-like creatures. Wears the permadevout pelt in this form.


A dark red pelt. Crimson hooves. A pale face. Inky black eyes. No antlers. Decieving, mishevious, violent. Likes to make things go wrong, and may severly hurt someone with her doings. Tries to lure others to follow her; once they are alone, she may possibly attempt murdering them, though she rarely succeeds, and flees before anyone can stop her. Appearance of "Red" is brought about by jealousy, extreme fear, extreme upset or exteme anger. Usually subsides after sleeping or being calmed. Drawn to wolf-like creatures. Wears the idol pelt in this form.


Thank you! ♥

Appreciating her company, the

Appreciating her company, the Girl in White beamed at the doe, slowly dropping onto the dirt and exhaling deeply, feeling content. Her heart still beat a little faster than normal from earlier, but Lacie's calming words and gentle nuzzles had dealt with the problem, making her feel protected, comforted.

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What a beautiful character

What a beautiful character <3 Perhaps we could rp with her and my deer, Caden, some time? I want to have more roleplaying time with him, haha.