Mr.Sanguine's deer directory.

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Path lit by moon and streetlamp's light

Adriel Mephistopheles Sanguine
a dreadfully skinny giant of ice devoid of lips and toes. The more it devours, the larger it grows

Activity: High - 8.5/10

Set: Any. All.

Pictogram: Box of clouded mountains

Biography: Here

Heikaro Claret Faustus
I have this dream that I could run always run away.My weapon could be a suitcase.And I would never be the one left behind again.

Activity: High - 7/10

Set: Any. All.

Pictogram: Jagged fangs and crying eyes
Ignore moving bit. That simply appears when you remove the bit that's missing in-forest

Biography: Here

Cainus Auxil Merlot
If someone else is punished unfairly, is anyone really learning anything?

Activity: medium - 6/10

Set: Default antlers + Decor. Fan pelt. Skull mask

Pictogram: Falling bird

Biography: Here

Faron Cerise Abered
The world through a needle's eye

Activity: Medium - 6/10

Set: Skull mask. Nightfall pelt. Default antlers

Pictogram: The scarred cat

Biography: Here

Tadzio Beorn Caflice 'Baby'
Defend and be Defended

Activity: Medium - 7/10

Set: See bio.

Pictogram: The potted plant

Biography: Here

Michael Stanton Kolt
Defend and be Defended

Activity: Medium - 5/10

Set: DoTD pelt. Skull mask. Default antlers.

Pictogram: The butterfly's escape from the mirror

Biography: Here

Fandeer Below

Alois Trancy
My heart was entwined in a spider's web

Activity: low - 1/10

Pictogram: The slightly chipped full moon

Set: Minideer. Argus pelt. Realdeer mask. Magpie feathers.

Biography: Here

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I don't mean to bring up old

I don't mean to bring up old characters, but I really miss Un. I thought that was a very creative and beautiful character, and I came up with this poem with Quad Hummingbird in honor of the lavender lamb. I hope you don't mind.

Essence of lavender, both color and scent
The steady path across the open plains
Woolen creature, your tired eyes shall rest
A long journey has left you weary
Upon the pillar of ancients you find your place
Where you watch and guard the dreams of your master
A humble ending for the lavender lamb
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I still have her! she's just

I still have her! she's just mostly used in more human RPs, and she shares a biography with Human!Mr.Sanguine along with Unttie on the 'Morality is colour spectrum' blog~

Thank you~! fff I love your writing still ;A; and quad hummingbird<333

x3 I like your deer. So

x3 I like your deer. So creative, always~