Dragonflies and Nobility [interaction]

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[This is an interaction, or roleplay, blog. Have fun with the images!]

Feel free to interact with my deer in either visual or literal format. I'll try to respond as promptly as I can, but I can't make any promises.

D-fly Deer:
Scape - Magnet - Spade - Richter - Kinsha - Toukan - Tundra - Suiren - Radeon - Blue

Bastilion - Triston
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[Track, because I'm too lazy

[Track, because I'm too lazy to post now. :<
*pokes the cute little smiley-fish* 8D]
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[["Smiley fish"? *stares at

[["Smiley fish"? *stares at drawing* FFFFF. That was so not on purpose. XD]]
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I see it too. 8'D

I see it too. 8'D
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tracking for now please make

tracking for now
please make one for Bastilion as well?
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I will. I was just feeling

I will. I was just feeling lazy. |D Probably change the title when I make a banner for him.
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Tracking this...I'm sad I

Tracking this...I'm sad I can't think of a place to start from.

[ -STALK- ]

[ -STALK- ]

Yay! Now I just have to think

Now I just have to think of something. |3''
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Added a banner for the

Added a banner for the Nobledeer.
No one be shy about posting something now. =B
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*wishes she knew how to

*wishes she knew how to start*
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*wishes she could stop

*wishes she could stop double-posting*
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|D *blames the weirdness this

|D *blames the weirdness this site has been experiencing for the past few days*

The young stag had decided to

The young stag had decided to visit the pond, and as he neared, he spotted a very familiar figure there. "Father." Smiling, he approached the older stag and bowed before nuzzling him.


Having recognized a familiar symbol, Amary's heart leaped. She immediately bounded towards it, her excitement only growing as the stag came into sight. Her speed increased, and she leaped, tackling him in what could only be called a "glomp".

((which is what she would do if it were possible to "glomp" in-forest X3 ))
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@Oisín: @Amary:



-hops in for the

-hops in for the cuteness-

the doe turned her head, black against a sea of amber and gold and other pale, sunny colors. one of these masses of shades was the brilliant, gloriously golden stag she was seated next to, with eyes like roaring gray waves and a mask carved from only the finest wood. her expression always seemed to soften; the lines of her skull would lessen or her blue eyes would become less piercing or her muscles would relax and she would forget about her limp leg whenever she looked at him. her stare was intent and loving, her lashes long and black and striking the rim of her skull as she blinked, a smile curling up her jaw. he would never know how fortunate she felt to have him. she would tell him sometime if she could think of appropriate and suitable words to describe her immense feelings. for now, her neck relapsed and rested across his back, her lids closing after she batted an eye at a wayward butterfly. her harsh voice had softened to a muffled whisper.

I love you, Magnet.
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*gushes* I'm not sure what to

*gushes* I'm not sure what to respond with other than drawing them, so.... *rushes to sketch*

weirdest/most perfect couple

weirdest/most perfect couple ever. aside from Wesker and Kaoori. :B but seriously. they'll always be oe of my favorite couples. <3
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@Aspen: Was listening to


Was listening to this on loop the whole time drawing. =]

((omg that one with Amary and

((omg that one with Amary and Bast XD
I'd like to reply with pictures, but it would take too long, and I'm doing other things...))

Oisín smiled. "Quite well. And how about you? And mother? And...ah...my sister. Heh...I'll have to get used to that."


"Bastilion! Hi!" Amary nuzzled him, grinning happily. She then got up, backing up a few steps to give him room to stand. "How're you doing?"
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[[This just had to go down

[[This just had to go down when it did... >>]]


Now with dragonfly interaction!


Oisín chuckled lightly.

Oisín chuckled lightly. "Sounds like a bit of a hoof-full. I trust everyone's well, otherwise. Perhaps when Polt's fawns arrive, they can be playmates. It will be soon, I think."


"I feel great!" She had begun to hop circles around him, but then suddenly stopped, a concerned look crossing her face. "Oh, um, I hope I didn't hurt you or anything, did I? I guess I...got a little too excited." She looked sheepish.
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@Oisín: Hope the word order


Hope the word order is understandable.


Writing kinda fancy is kinda fun. |D
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*pokes this* >> >

*pokes this* >> << >>
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I can't thiiiiink of

I can't thiiiiink of anyyyythiiiing. D8
*wants to though*
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*equally bad with coming up

*equally bad with coming up with stuff* 8D;

((I understood it fine. And

((I understood it fine. And you make Amary so cute. |3))

"Yes, it seems so. I suppose having twins takes a bit longer." He smiled. "I am really happy for her. I hope I can be there. I want to help her any way I can..."


"Oh, good! It just suddenly occurred to me... I'm just really happy to see you!" She grinned, nuzzling him again.
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Seed's ears flickered -- did

Seed's ears flickered -- did he hear Scape on the edge of the pond, or was it just the birds on his bare antlers? Seed left his favorite sunning rock (as opposed to his favorite sunning patch of lakshore, or his favorite sunning flower patch, or such) and meandered his way down the the lake.

"Scape! I was just thinking about you..." A sly grin crept onto his face. "I believe I was promised a celebratory drink by a certain someone, wasn't I?"

((This took me long enough. Just seemed like the obvious thing.))
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Gahhh, I'm drawing a blank on

Gahhh, I'm drawing a blank on how to respond to Oisín and Amary. XD;
I'll get to these tomorrow (or rather, later, as it is past midnight). Perhaps I'll have an idea then. Cool

That's okay, I really don't

That's okay, I really don't even know where I'm going with either one. X3'
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I haven't forgotten about

I haven't forgotten about this! But looking at it again still leaves me drawing a blank. |D;;; *bangs head against figurative wall* I don't know how Scape would respond to Oisín, Bastilion would probably blush and return the nuzzle, and..I'm trying to figure out how Scape should respond to Seed.

I could try adding more I

I could try adding more I guess. I didn't really know what I was doing with those responses. |3'
And Oisin talks about Polt too much... <.<

"Did I tell you I told her how I feel?" He sighed, looking down into the water. "She said she's not ready for another relationship. But, I can understand that. I don't blame her. I just wish I could...take away all her pain." He looks back up and smiles, a little wistfully. "I suppose I must sound like a sentimental fool. Perhaps I am. But I think I've dwelled on that subject long enough. Have you heard from your family lately? I think I've yet to meet them all."


"So...That cousin of yours, how is he? He seems nice. Any other family members you're hiding from me?" She smiled, nudging him playfully.

((how's that? I seem to have kind of a hard time with Amary when it comes to having her actually talk instead of just jumping around or dancing or something ^^; ))


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I haven't forgotten. |D I

I haven't forgotten. |D I even bookmarked this page to remind myself. Just didn't feel like drawing earlier. Might even need to type responses at this rate; at least for this one response.
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[[For Scape, I think I need

[[For Scape, I think I need to do text this round. He'd be talking a lot and I seem to be having an art block lately that might be due to landscape drawing class. o_o;]]

Scape couldn't help but frown sadly at Oisín as he told of his results of revealing his feelings Poltergeist. He would have responded, but wasn't given the chance as his son switched subjects. Perhaps it was for the best; Scape wasn't sure what he would have said that could be uplifting.

He gained an amused look. "Actually, I think you've met most of them." Gray eyes rolled upward in thought. "Let's see...I know you've met your grandfather... Heck, you've met my shy cousin Kinsha... Surprised you didn't meet my more hyper cousin though. I swear Richter has a short attention span... Hmm..did you meet Magnet yet? He's my younger brother - don't be fooled our height differences. Then there's his kids Spade and Devi, and his mate. Be careful of Devi if you do meet her - she likes to flirt. I think you've met Toukan, too. He's not blood-related, but close enough to being family. And then there's Blue. Blue is...kinda like... ..." He blinked slowly, completely unsure of how to describe the vertically challenged stag's relation to himself. "I suppose...you'd call him an uncle of some kind. It's a really long story," he finished, looking a bit embarrassed. "Hope I didn't talk your ear off."

[[Holy carp, Scape, you talk too much. XD; Instead of speed-sketching, I'm having word diarrhea instead?]]

Bastilion could not help but smile at her. Amary always seemed to lift his spirits; he was not sure why. He chuckled a bit at the mention of his cousin. "Triston is well. He is pleasant enough company." When he is not throwing jibes at me for how I act around you... Bastilion mentally shook that thought away; he was not going to say that one aloud.

At the question of there being any other family, he had to fight to keep from frowning. Thoughts of what had occurred to bring him to this Forest came to mind; thoughts he did not wish to dwell on.
Of murder. And the feeling of betrayal that had followed.
He wondered how Triston would respond should he bring up that time...

Was he forgiven?
Or was his cousin hiding resentment towards him?

He shook those thoughts away as well. It was not good to leave a question unanswered for too long.

The stag mustered up another small smile, giving a slight shake of the head in the negative. "No, my cousin is the only family I have." The only family here, and the only family that mattered. He did not even remember his mother very well anymore...
But that was alright. He could even say he had more family now than he did before arriving in this Forest.

[[Yep. Definitely word diarrhea instead. O.o]]
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@Seed: The stag looked up at

The stag looked up at hearing approaching footsteps. A smile broke out at recognizing who it was. "Seed! Hey!" Scape gave a bow in greeting, face still holding a smile - but it looked more amused now as he chuckled. "I did say that, didn't I? Well, I don't plan to go back on my word," he grinned. "Race you to the Crying Idol?"

((hehe, that's okay, long

((hehe, that's okay, long responses are just fine with me :3))

Oisin smiled. "You needn't worry about that. I have met your brother, actually, when I was a fawn. But I don't believe I have met his mate or children. I've also met Mar Sart. He's quite a bit different from Mother. It is almost difficult to believe they are related." He chuckled lightly.

((ugh, failpost...I wish I could think of more to write for him x.x ))


"That's still more than I can say. I've never really had a family, that I can remember." For a moment, Amary seemed to have lost a bit of her cheer, but then she smiled, her mood brightening again almost instantly, as it usually did. "But that's okay! I have lots of friends, and, I have kind of a family, even if they're not related by blood. There's Ephra, and Priest, and Darkweaver, and Skeevah, and Kaoori...and I guess that makes Wesker kind of like a brother-in-law and Takeshi like a nephew sort of. Even though I don't know either of them that well, but I'm hoping that'll change in the future." She grinned, happy just thinking of her adopted "family".
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Toukan, Plz His hoofs

Toukan, Plz

His hoofs touched the ground gently, and were gone again from it as suddenly as they had touched it, for that was the way of lighting, and the Angel of Lightning moved like lightning. Yet he did not move fast, his speed was slow, even for a walk it would be slow. He was simply moving through, slowly and gently, and yet with his feet barely touching the ground. The air seemed to darken and grey as he approached the ancient building of the ruins. The graves were as still as ever. Everything about the Ruins was different from Kylar. Lightning was nothing like the static, ancientness of the Ruins where everything seemed to stop, and stagnate.

As he walked through it, he began to see that this day, at least, there were deer within it. He had been lonely for the last few days, since his fight with Lucian, and so he was desiring of company. He chose to head into the ruins. There he spotted the raindeer. The familiar person he had once come across as human.

He approached slowly, and quietly. He wished not to alarm the raindeer.

"Toukan?" He almost whispered as he drew close to the other stag.

Mick Kreiger: You Know You Love Me XOXO
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@Oisín: Scape chuckled. "Yea,

Scape chuckled. "Yea, siblings can be very different. I see that happen a lot. But, there's always something in common, too. Sometimes it's just harder to see with some." He lowered and tilted his head in the deer equivalent of a shrug.

[[I don't know where I'm going with this.]]

Bastilion just smiled, amused at the quantity of words Amary was producing. He truly was listening however. A nod of agreement was the stag's response. "True. Friends can be a good substitute for blood family."

[[Also don't know where this is going. |D]]
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@Kylar: The scarred reindeer

The scarred reindeer was in his usual spot of resting in the middle of the Ruins. Toukan wasn't doing much - just softly humming to himself in boredom as he lounged - but he wasn't unaware of his surroundings. Or rather, the other deer that were around.

He looked up when his name was called, expression holding no indication of being startled. His head tilted in curiosity. "Sup?"
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"Hey again," Kylar said.

"Hey again," Kylar said. "It's been a while since that day at the bridge." Kylar looked towards him. Something seemed odd. Just in the way that Toukan was handling himself. It was very non indicitive. "You good?" He asked to make sure that everything was fine."

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[[I beat up my art block a

[[I beat up my art block a bit since I felt like drawing Toukan. |D Wanted to show what's left of the wounds he got when defending someone over the weekend instead of describing.]]
Toukan blinked at that.

"Yea, I'm alright. Just bored." One shoulder lifted in a shrug. Among other things...

He'd heard about the Demon Gazelle meeting his end. It had left him feeling...mixed. The old stag had definitely left a bad impression - literally, the healing wounds indicated - but that didn't mean the reindeer had wished him to meet his end...

[[I never wanna attempt to draw the zombie antlers at that angle again.]]
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Somewhat distracted,

Somewhat distracted, Darkweaver walks threw the thin foilage leading to the pond. He generally seems tired, dispite the fact he has not been in fights or other straining activity lately. Catching a scent of a friend, he lifts his head and glances around, crimson eyes soon catching the image of Bastilion. He turns and heads in Bast's direction, chains clanking with a trace of enthusiasm. "Hnn... Good Afternoon... Bast." he rasps, pulling his skull mask into a smile. Even though his last conversation with the priest weighs heavilly on his mind, he does not mention it yet.
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@Darkweaver: [[Note to


[[Note to self: draw everyday in attempt to prevent art block.]]
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(giggles for that page. X3

(giggles for that page. X3 It's cute, especially that Bast-face at the third pannel. XD)

"Haha, yes... It has... been a long time, hasn't it." he agrees, chuckling a bit. He stops walking after a few more steps. "Hnn... So, how have you been... and have you seen Amary lately?" he asks, curious at her wareabouts. A side of him strongly wanted to suggest for Bast to tell her what he feels about her, but he knew that it isn't yet his place to say anything. Until then, he retains a mix of amusement and approvial toward the two.

um, mental block for a bit there. XD

((eh, sorry, I guess I didn't

((eh, sorry, I guess I didn't give you much to work with. But I didn't know how to continue for either of them))

"Hmm, yes, I think I remember Magnet seemed quite different from you, as well, although I didn't really much of a chance to get to know him. That was the same day I met Sir Walter..." He frowned, his voice trailing off as he suddenly remembered something he had heard recently regarding the same old stag he remembered so fondly from his fawnhood. He stared into the water for a moment, and then gave a sad sigh before returning his attention to his father. "I...I'm sorry. I seem to be prone to drifting into less-than-pleasant subjects today."


"Well, I wouldn't say 'substitute,' since you can't really replace your family, right? Of course since I never had one..." This time, the mention of having no family didn't seem to bother Amary. Her cheerful disposition didn't change at all. "So, um... Sit with me?" She pawed the ground beside her in invitation, before folding her legs under to settle down among the flowers, happily watching the butterflies.
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"Well I can cure that, I

"Well I can cure that, I always was very entertaining," Kylar laughed in response, sitting down next to the raindeer. "You know...you're really cute as a deer. I'd never seen a raindeer before I met'cha, darlin'" He chuckled. "Sorry, if i'm a little flirty. I've always been like that."

(well then pega, don't)

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[[The Bast-face emote felt

[[The Bast-face emote felt necessary. XD]]

Bastilion did not seem to notice the slight darkening of his face.
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@Oisín: "It's fine. Seems to


"It's fine. Seems to be what most of the Forest is talking about these days." Scape shook his head sadly. "'Net isn't taking it so well either... I think even Toukan is being affected since he had to fight him off." The nightfall pelted stag scowled to himself, looking away in thought. "What happened to make Walter get like that?" he thought out loud, not really directing the question at his son.


[[No words needed.]]

((Took me a second to realize

((Took me a second to realize who "'Net" is. X3 And, omgosh you always make Amary so cute. ^^ BTW have you seen the new reference I made for her? Oh, and do you mind if I add these to their bios?))

"He protected me when I was a fawn one day, when I was attacked by an unknown deer. That was shortly before you had officially adopted me, I believe. I had only seen him a few times since then, and the encounters were always brief. So I cannot say. I never got a chance to know him all that well..." He sighed. "I don't even know the whole story. Only rumors."

((I'll get to Amary later, I have to restart my computer so it can complete some updates. x.x))