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Well I'm here, and the site is pretty cool. The Forest Map is probably the coolest thing I've seen, and it would help us find out who's online and how many deer are sleeping as opposed to actually running around, ect.

I posted on the Forums asking if Pictures were limited to drawings and artwork or if screenshots could be posted. Who knows, maybe I'll have my own sub-section for Quad's Candid Camera. Only time will tell.

Until then, Quad hopes to dance with you guys in the forest soon!
- QuadRaptor
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There already is a

There already is a Screenshot section. We just hadn't added a link to it in the menu. But if you click "Add picture", screenshot is one of the options.

But you can also post pictures in your diary/blog. Especially if it's about telling stories.
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I forgot to edit this but I

I forgot to edit this but I had figured that out. Thanks for the help, though!