Feathers on the Breeze - A Spring Rally Event

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Scores are displayed on the Toyhou.se page.

29th May

The final hunt is underway! A few prizes still need finished off so will be revealed tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest.

How To Play

The game is a scavenger-hunt based event that will run in a similar fashion to last year’s Rabbit Hunt with a few modifications allowing more players to take part and claim prizes. There will be three hunts taking place over the course of the rally: Sunday the 22nd, Thursday the 26th and Sunday the 29th. Here characters are tasked with finding white dove feathers that have been hidden around the forest, represented in game by the dove avatar. For every feather found the character will receive one point, which can in turn be exchanged for prizes. You can take part as many times as you wish with as many characters as you want however some prizes may be limited to 1 per player and each character entered can only receive a maximum of 12 points per hunt (36 in total).

Taking Part:

On the given hunt days a total of 12 doves will be hidden in forest from 1pm to 11pm BST. In order to ‘find’ a feather and claim the point you must screenshot your character next to the dove – please make sure your character’s picto + the dove + the general surroundings are visible (i.e. don’t crop your photos super small!). Please send the screenshots with your character’s name to Wildflower#8793 on discord or alternatively comment your photos on the Toyhou.se page or here on the Endless Forest blog ONLY AFTER the hunt has finished for that day. If you want to take part with multiple characters you must take a screenshot with each character you enter visible.

Claiming Prizes:

Scores will be tallied in the comment below the Toyhou.se blog. Prizes can be claimed in slightly different manners throughout the event. Following the first hunt from Monday the 23rd to the afternoon of Wednesday the 25th you can choose to exchange your points for a random lucky dip.
If you don’t want to spend your points just yet and wait until the prizes are revealed the first wave will be visible from Thursday - Friday the 27th and all prizes will be revealed alongside the hunt on Sunday the 29th.
Again, claiming prizes works in the same way, just send me a message on discord or comment on either of the blogs with your character’s name and what prizes they want. Make sure to spend your points before the last day of the rally and Heligan wraps up her stall for the year!

Good luck and happy hunting!



Ceramic fish by Whiskeybeast

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Bless you for doing this,

Bless you for doing this, such mini-games are so much fun!
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Thank you for organizing this

Thank you for organizing this and for crossposting it to the TEFc.
Much appreciated, even though I won't be able to take part myself, this year.