Verve and Leto's Magical Masks

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Verve and Leto's Magical Masks

Sibling duo Verve and Leto has, in preparation for the Spring Rally, teamed up to make a handful of special masks! Each item is for sale or trade - in return for a mask, they are looking for valuable or interesting items, magic, or favours. They both have specific items they are looking for, but any offer is welcome.

Verve is looking for: A trip to a world she's unfamiliar with. Something to grant her the ability to get paws of some kind instead of hooves on her front legs. Any sort of enchanted items are of interest, especially those granting strength in battle. Weak for anything decorative; golds and reds suit her best.

Leto is looking for: Anything decorative, magical, or rare. Plants, seeds. Favours to be used later. Business proposals. Substances with interesting effects.

(Feel free to contact either of us, Apel#9645 or MisMantis#4207!
Drawings, RP, all kinds of IC responses are very!! appreciated but not strictly necessary, but we ask you to put in some effort - at least some links to example images or a detailed description of what's offered)

Leto has a variety of items for sale or trade. Spells, enchantments; jewelry, decorations; items of more practical nature, such as pipes (and pipeweed), some seeds and dried plants.
Feel free to inquire privately for any of these.

See also a list of items on his bio, under the Interaction > Inventory tab.

Verve is currently not offering any additional wares or services.

Masks for sale
Hover over the name for the description of each item, click the image to see it fullsize.

Sun of the ForestLarge, imposing; sturdy enough to wear as protection in combat. Verve has dyed and painted it, and added gold; Leto has decorated it with sun sigils and a handful of shimmering feathers. It has no enchantment, but Leto can add one afterwards, according to the buyer's wishes.

Ghostly unicornOnce a mythical beast, something-or-other, now a neat decoration. The lines are sharp, inspired by an early morning sun, greeted by swords. This one hasn't been decorated by Leto, though it carries a spell that makes the horn shine in the dark. Besides that, it's also very sharp.

Angels don't existMost fitting for a flat-faced wearer, though you could get creative. The mask has a subtle golden sheen and glitter that really comes out when the light hits it right, and otherwise dissapear in the dark purples the skull is painted in. It is not enchanted, but if that would be desired, perhaps something can be whipped up.

Sold items

Desert SabreA large sabertooth skull, finely dyed and painted, with gilded teeth. Leto has added some golden decoration, but no enchantments, as per the buyer's wishes.

Traded for some dark camel furs, spice jars, and a large, intricately wrought oil lamp.

Teeth of the DawnA chinese water deer skull. Verve has painted it and added extra horns, as well as replaced the teeth with glittering jewels. Leto has added some golden trinkets and a ribbon with a spell of protection.
Traded for some gold trinkets, bundles of silk, and a vial of magic to alter one's appearance.

Golden Eye of the RamA sturdy ram skull, skillfully dyed and painted by Verve. Leto has added some decorations and a spell of seeing, giving the wearer 'eyes in the back of their head'.
Traded for an intricate feathered ear cuff, and some bundles of nicobar and crane feathers.

An Hour of BlueWhere Verve has sourced this parasaurolophus skull, nobody knows. She has dyed it a deep blue and added a handful of garnets. Leto has decorated it with a red cord, intricately woven in a sigil of protection and enchanted it with a spell of remembrance. Will make the wearer recall what was lost.
Traded for a large piece of amber on a chain.

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Here I iz Loving all the

Here I iz
Loving all the works you guys did
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥
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ooooh i want all of them.

ooooh i want all of them.
add me on discord: Krisaur#9391
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oh man Sage would be all over

oh man Sage would be all over the Hour of Blue one if her antlers didn't make it impossible to put it on lol
Love all of them!!

This is great.

This is great.
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Love this so much ;0;

Love this so much ;0;
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I got too excited and did a

I got too excited and did a mini comic. Except I made it too big to post here as a comment oops.

Blue pleas 'v'

Jacklo's Characters/Hub
Discord: Daddy#4977
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!!! ACK!!!! How lovely omg!!!

!!! ACK!!!! How lovely omg!!!


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Jacklo - omg hahah I love it,

Jacklo - omg hahah I love it, blue para skull is yours!

(Leto watches as the piece of amber falls out of the large stranger's mouth. That's rather unexpected, but still... kind of appreciated? "Wow, uh. Thanks? Yeah, it's all yours.")

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Ahh these are amazing!! I'll

Ahh these are amazing!! I'll have to think of something!
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Lil bump for new masks!

Lil bump for new masks!
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These are all gone! Thanks

These are all gone! Thanks everyone for your interest!
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Even though they are all

Even though they are all taken, the masks and artwork overall are lovely. So nice to see the variety between them, and how unique each one is.

Holy moly I'm in love resume

Holy moly I'm in love