Sedirea's Flower Stand (Spring Rally 2021) [Closed]

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Participants of the Spring Rally may notice a little stand that pops up intermittently among the nursery sections: an arch of interwoven branches covered in flowers, its peak just high enough to offer some shade to the creature resting below. Those curious enough to approach will be greeted warmly and offered a variety of spring-themed wares: flower wreaths, packets of seeds, simple wooden figure toys and masks, and a little sign with awkward scrawl indicates there may be even more.

Sedirea has a helper this year! You may see Enchante while Sedirea is resting.

Sedirea's Flower Stand
Bring a Friend

However, there's a catch to your free item! "If is wanting gift, you is needing friend to give to! Bring me friend and both can make wishes!"

Write a little post with your deer and your friend and request your gift! (This may be done here or in the Spring Rally Discord group, #sedirs-flower-stand)
*Note: We likely won't be in-game much this year, but we don't have to be online when you post! We'll get back to you as soon as we're able! Interactions are great, but for the bring-a-friend-get-a-thing section you are also welcome to just post saying your deer brought their friend X and took Y.

Sedirea can make all kinds of plant-based items, so your character can request pretty much anything that can be made of wood or flowers. Flowers may come in any imaginable color. Wood will be rough and unpolished - they aren't super high quality toys, but shaped enough to represent whatever they're supposed to (provided she knows what it's supposed to look like! She's never seen an elephant before, but she'll try to make one if you describe it to her!).

Make a Trade

"I make other thing, too, if you are wanting trade."

This year Sedirea is also offering higher-quality items; a second set of more intricate baubles, masks, and toys are placed on display to the side, with a simple sign reading "Trade" above them. Seed packets are also found here, bearing brief, awkwardly written labels.

Masks and toys can be customized, and if you don't see anything you like, new custom items may be made on request.

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*starts the queue*

*starts the queue*
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li'l boop

li'l boop
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The flower stand has closed,

The flower stand has closed, but Sedirea will continue to offer her trading and crafting services from here on out! Her wares will be moved to the craft inventory on her biography.
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Open for 2021

Open for 2021
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Urschanabi brought his doggy

Urschanabi brought his doggy friend Ediel and took a wooden mask shaped like a dog's face.

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