-I went down among the dust and pollen-

To the old stone fountain in the morning after dawn
Underneath were all these pennies fallen from the hands of children
They were there and then were gone

And I wonder what became of them
What became of them


Original design - Tuhka


Roaming still yet consistently drawn back to this oddity of a world. In a way growing more skittish around those who have become familiar faces since the rut, finding himself awkward and unsure in his actions. Has witnessed multiple battles and upon occasion has been the target when curiosity drew him close; fascinated in a way by the strange dynamics where no one creature is prey or predator.
Learned of Sophie’s pregnancy with the birth imminent, shocked, scared and confused by the situation and even disgusted at himself at times. Warily crept around the edges of the scene when Sophie gave birth a mere couple of days later. Stared down by another stag (Kael) who he assumed to be Sophie’s mate so didn’t dare come any closer, trying to catch a glimpse of the fawns from a distance.
Allowed over where he was introduced to Livia and Nyssa. Learned that the latter was Kael’s child while Livia was neither solely his nor Kael’s; a strange concept for him to come to terms with. Later witnessed the birth of his son Dean.
Slowly coming to terms though believes he never fully will, his past visions of having children and a family of his own much different to how it has come about. Despite this reintroduced to emotions and feelings he thought he had long since become a stranger to.


Sire to Livia & Dean
+Sophie, Tsubasa, Abilene, Ceryneitan, Shahnaz

-Rut 2019-
The Nightmarker, Dajjal, Brent, Ceryn, Leto, Rossamund, Siddhartha, Vidal, Sindile, Galage, Vígolfr
'Sin', Abilene, Zalyn, Tsubasa, Accendare, Sophie, Maryam, Ming Yue, Yumi, Lovelace, Plum, Red, Morganna, Kissare, Moloch, Irene, Ashe, ChiTz, Sebastian, Éasca, Thienete, Chiren, Aramantha, Kesari, Nathaniel, Jetta, Doitsu

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gentle headbonks for the

gentle headbonks for the little one
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Little Hex had fun
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Guess he got himself a

Guess he got himself a fangirl x D Hope she's not too much of a bother.

What an honour! Abilene was

What an honour! Abilene was far from a bother