"I haven't seen him..." [FOUND prepare for angstbomb II]

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"...Where is Rut King?"

Throughout the numerous groups he's encountered and clashes he's seen, he can't help but notice a particular stag is missing.

The Red.


welcome to the Rut Angstbomb 2k17
This is kind of an interaction post, but basically I'm looking for someone's character to tell him of Virgil's passing because he still doesn't know, and by this point he's most definately noticed his absence from the forest.

Your character doesn't have to know him all that well (though it might help, but he's super social/friendly to strangers regardless). They can be brutally honest or gentle, I don't mind.

This may end up being a first come first serve type dealie because it'd be messy having a handful of responses and Kostya reacting to each one. (The only way around this is if your character knows x character and they'd tell him together).

What I plan to do with said written response is take it, and draw it up as a continuation of the above images in a separate post with your character and Kostya reacting in turn. I guess it's kind of like an art rp

If you're interested let me know on here (don't post the response though), and hit me up on Discord: Raz#5512

also he's noticed Saosin isn't present in the rut either, but I didn't anticipate that hghghgh

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I still can't get over just

I still can't get over just how impressive those backgrounds are! Like wow... That's seriously amazing. ;;
And the anatomy on Kostya himself aaa... Wonderful, you've come so far over the years...

You know I'm looking forward to crying this, so... track. <3

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Gonna sit and watch.. and

Gonna sit and watch.. and also cry
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The last picture..reminds me

The last picture..reminds me of a face I have seen before..! I swear! Oooooh...OHHHH...

 photo hqdefault_zpsgfhqwyhw.jpg

I'm loving him so much rn because of this!
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@Vee asdfasdf thanks B) TEF

asdfasdf thanks B) TEF screenshots are actually pretty good for excercising background skills.

also funfacts for everyone else cos I mentioned it on discord: each place/background is connected Virgil in some way. The Red Hill, The Idol and the BarCrossed Logs.

hands tissues and blueberries

LOL he also has the same reaction when denied cupcakes
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here for the ugly crying i'm

here for the ugly crying i'm about to do
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adds tissues to Kostya's

adds tissues to Kostya's blueberry cart
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me, sobbing openly, why do

me, sobbing openly,

why do you hURT US
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