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An archive of (hopefully) all the comic things I've done featuring mine and other peoples characters. Click the thumbnails for the full image. Also invisible scroll boxes.

My OOC deer | Kostya | Smol Zombie | Axebeak | Christian | Jehoel | Oddity | Other Characters

The curse of the real deer mask.

FUNPOLICE (feat. Malakh's Winter Soldier)

Codes from here also thanks to Unplugged for helping fix what I broke

your comics are gold and I am

your comics are gold and I am here for this
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y e s

y e s

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your comics always make me

your comics always make me smile haha <3

now I can binge on them at my leisure lol
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I love these so much.

I love these so much.
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THE KEITH & CHRISTIAN ONES ARE ALWAYS MY FAVOURITE especially the one where Christian is just "THEY DON'T HAVE ROCK MUSIC HERE-" and Keith just

Malakh (they/he) | Player of Rutilus; Keith; Vox; various others
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asdasdfasdf thanks x5

asdasdfasdf thanks x5 B)


Christian would try to bring a radio in and then just "...wait is this even an okay thing to do?"