New player

Hi everybody I go by Cole! So far I’ve been enjoying this game and seeing different deer players. Right now I’m still figuring out all the spells, my fawn has mainly stuck with her flower crown which I find so cute. To the little deer who’s fur looks like camouflage and has white twisted antlers thank you for dancing with my fawn! That was such a nice welcome. And to the larger black deer with candle antlers and a masquerade type mask, thank you for joining as well. I hope to make friends and spend time just chilling out with other players as well (:

Welcome to the Forest, Cole)

Welcome to the Forest, Cole) Good to see you're enjoying the game.
You can find who you're playing with either by clicking their pictograms on a map (1 2), or by posting a screenshot of 'em here, if they're logged off.
Though my deer is only randomly active, feel free to come chill out anytime.

omigoodness the maps are

omigoodness the maps are great. holy cow. or, maybe, holy deer? I can't really discern deer name symbols in The Forest - they're just lovely halobursts over everyone's heads, too obscure and tiny and intricate for my eyes to distinguish. and I was adjusting to that fact, and even marveling at it a little, as part of the artistry of the experience: NOT knowing; NOT using words, as we are here. just enjoying the mystery of it all ... but, that said, looking at the maps, and seeing everyone's self-identification, well, it opens other doors to marvel at. so thank you and SylvanRah for that.

I am also new, and found this

I am also new, and found this useful:

Hello The deer you were

Hello Smiling The deer you were playing with was my partner (Witcher) and I. I’m glad we could make you feel welcome. Hope to see you again.

capiteux, I gotta split my

I gotta split my part of your thanks with GMSuerte, because he made the original map, all I've been doing is keep it up to date, and add some fun stuff.
It's good to know you're enjoying the maps so much, all three of us put a lot of time and work in them, so thank you for the glowing feedback.