new here + art!

Hey there! I go by fedya, and I use to play this game a lot some years ago! Recently remembered it and decided to check it out again, and I’m glad to see it’s still going! The community here seems very nice Smiling

The art is just something I did of the barn owl pelt, since it’s very pretty!
(+ my pictogram looks like a snake getting ready to bite something, which is really cool!)

Hope everyone here has been having a great week! <3

Hey, fedya, welcome back to

Hey, fedya, welcome back to the Forest. It is a neat pictogram, I hope to see it around in the game sometime.
I like your rendition of the owl: the choice of colors and the brush work in mixing them. The result does look soft like an owl should be. Makes me want to poke it.
Liking the similarities the face and the mask share, it looks custom-made. I like how elegantly abstract it is, unlike the apple-looking original. I also like how the owl eyes relocated from the mask to the face, heh.
You did a good job drawing that human head. Natural human proportions aren't easy to get right, since our eyes are so used to them. Hmm, I also like the human-ish shape at the base of the ear, never seen that transition in people's concepts before.

And have a great week, yourself)

Thank you! What you said

Thank you! What you said means a lot to me Smiling thanks for taking the time to leave a reply! <3

Welcome back! Gorgeous take

Welcome back! Gorgeous take on the owl pelt. <3

thank you!

thank you!

That whole art is very

That whole art is very beautiful and I can agree the owl set is pretty!
Welcome back to the forest as well ^^