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Name: Aeros
Age: Older adult
Gender: Stag
Picto: Here!
How to Rember it: It looks like a...tree or something.
Set: Orca pelt, Long mask, poppied antlers
Personality: Aeros is calm, quiet, and extremely wise. He's gentler and kind, blatantly refusing to fight and doing his best to prevent others from doing so. More intelligent then most deer, he prefers to wander around the Forest and observe its beauty. He does like hanging out with other deer, but usually only a few at a time. XD He'll play with fawns, but being old, he gets tired VERY easily. He LOVES to tell stories. He kind of feels like he's too old for a doe, so he's sweet to everyone. u.u When he thinks about having a mate, he gets kind of sad, actually.
Mate: None...he thinks his time has passed.
Friends: Plenty!
-If he gets excited while talking to you, he's telling a story. 8D He specializes in legend and lore.
-Being older, he tires quickly. After a period of excessive running or whatever, he'll lay down for a bit to regain energy.
- He'll NEVER get mad at you. Ever. XD He's way too patient.
-Aeros has kind of adopted the other deer of mine. XD Even Pan, though she's an outcast.
Songs: Never Ending Story - Within Temptation
Pics: Storyteller
Text color: This color red

Name: Loop
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Doe
Picto: Here!
How to Rember it: I dunno...reminds me of a jewel.
Set: Kirin pelt, Peacock feathers, Real Deer mask
Personality: In general, Loop's friendly and levelheaded. She loves to play, with fawns and older deer alike. However, she has a stubborn side to her. While calm, she'll stand up for herself and her friends no matter what. She's brave and intelligent, testing the limits of the Forest constantly.
Mate: Well...we're getting there.
Friends: Hmm...Aspem, Magent, Quamar, Tabi, Seed, blah, blah, blah. XD
-She's matured quite a bit, but she's still a bit of a gypsy. XD
-If mad, she'll generally beat herself and others to a bloody pulp until she gets talked down.
Songs: Livin' La Vida Loca - Ricky Martin
Pics: A Pristine Reflection
Text Color: Green, like this

Name: Pandemonium
Age: Adult
Gender: Doe
Picto: Here!
How to Remember it: A house, or something. I have no idea.
Set: Orca Pelt, DotD antlers, Peacock mask/ Monarch Pelt, Peacock feathers, DotD mask
Personality: On her good days, Pan's a friendly, cheerful doe. She's a bit sleazy, and given to being rude, but overall she's a party. XD However, sometimes her darker side will come out. At this point, Pandemonium's a danger to all. She relishes causing chaos and havoc, and won't stop at anything to get her high. All in all, she's a psychotic, raving lunatic. XD
Mate: Who'd love a psychopath? (Sorry, Harley. :C)
Friends: All, and sometimes none.
-Any change in weather will set her off. She was struck by lightning once, and it was what drove her mad.
-If you manage to get her into the cage during her off days, you should be safe until she calms down.
-As of her doe-day, she'll be completely gone. No more missus nice Pan. DX
-She's, in essence, the Jokerdeer. XD -flees-
Songs: Real Wild Child - Everlife
Pics: Just a State of Mind
Text Color: Pumpkin-Gut Orange

Name: Tuna, Tunafish, Tuna Salad, Miss Tuna...the list goes on.
Age: Teenager
Gender: Doe
Picto: Here!
How to Remember it: I think of a fish. XD An H, I suppose.
Set: As long as she has the Long Mask and the Peacock feathers? ANYTHING. Tuna's fond of peltspamming parties. XD She just won't wear the Kabuki or Orange ones. On Halloween, she wants to don the DotD pelt.
Personality: Tuna' Pretty much. XD She's the only deer I'll play as myself, although a few tendencies are her own and not mine. So, she's quiet until you get to know her. She loves to laugh, actionglitch, and be a Jesus deer. XD She can have moodswings, but a few nuzzles when she's down will get her on her feet. If she's mad, she'll bash inanimate objects until someone calms her down. She wants to be loved, but she just hasn't found the right stag yet.
Mate: No one.
Friends: My friends. XD
-Sometimes, this girl will don her pirate hat and become Cap'n Tuna! XD I'll mess around with files so she can go on a maiden voyage.
-She loves Her to death and considers her a partner in crime, as well as a mentor. 8D
Songs: Why Should I Worry - Billy Joel, Freckles - Natasha Bedingfield, White Houses - Vanessa Carlton, Superman - Lazlo Bane
Pics: Little Fishy
Text Color: A cheerful, calm, robin's-egg blue.
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actually, im already married to him... and Sweeney Todd... but he doesnt have to know ;D XD sorry for the randomness XD

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