My Fawn - Unnamed

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Sorry for huge file. I couldn't figure out how to undercut it :<

I need a name.

I want something that seems like 'ripple', as her pictogram looks like raindrops and a leaf in a pool of water.

I thought Leafpool, but I know that is a Warrior Cat name, and I can't play it off as a coincidence as I have read the first series of books.

I also thought Cadence, but I don't want people to think that I stole the name from MLP:FiM, as I am a huge MLP fan.

I'm going to mull it over more, but some help would be greatly appreciated!

I love your style *nodnod*

I love your style *nodnod* Very cute! I've got some names for you, too :3
Mesi - Egyptian; meaning 'water'
Nerina - Italian; meaning 'water'
Su - Turkish; meaning 'water'
Rena (Ren A) - Japanese; meaning 'water lily'
Pavati - Native American; meaning 'clear water'
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Ahhh, what a lovely design! I

Ahhh, what a lovely design! I love what you did with those flowers.
I'd suggest names but I can't think of any currently. I'll come back if I do.

WOW! I love your style! Very

WOW! I love your style! Very cuuute deer's eyes ^^
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love this fawn and your

love this fawn and your drawing *__*
promice I'll think about the name))
All the love You put out will return to You. <3

Shakita? Seyun, Janler etc.

Shakita? Seyun, Janler etc. I'm a human name machine.
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Omg she's cute OuO omg she

Omg she's cute OuO omg
she should meet my Isabella sometime!!! <3 your stile is so charming and cute
can't wait to see more from you
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