Mistletoe: Day 20

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Trees and Prita

I thought Trees would be a good choice to fill that empty slot I had. Eye
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Aww! They are so cute! Prita

Aww! They are so cute! Prita looks adorable and anxious almost x3
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Thank you. X3

Thank you. X3
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Uuaaa x3 Makes me excited to

Uuaaa x3 Makes me excited to see who Tea ends up with!
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Profile picture by ahimsa ♥

Pixel Wis by squeegie~
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I'LL NEVER TELL >8D *bricked*

I'LL NEVER TELL >8D *bricked* You'll find out soon. |D

*mops up exploded Poppy?* 8|;
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*Flails with excitement* Oh

*Flails with excitement* Oh Pega, I have a new Ref up and she actually has a name now xD
the newnessss

*assists in the mopping?*
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Yes yes, I saw. =B

Yes yes, I saw. =B
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Woot Laughing out loud
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Aww, so cute! Thank you

Aww, so cute! Thank you Pega! And Merry Christmas. ^_^
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You're welcome. =] Merry

You're welcome. =] Merry Christmas!
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That was unexpected!! Thank

That was unexpected!! Thank you very much for including Trees into the mistletoe days!!! This is really a kind surprise ^^

*huggles little Prita* X3

What nature divides, the spirit unites.

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I couldn't pick from the

I couldn't pick from the people you suggested cuz I only had one slot, and could only pick one to fill it. So Trees it was. Laughing out loud