I hate allergies

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This is the human speaking, letting you know that if Scape and/or Magnet suddenly stop running around and don't respond for a bit, it's because my nose decided to be the Spawn of Satan and spontaneously drip or cause me to almost sneeze my brains out via nasal passage.

I hate tree pollen. >.> And Field Bio lab for making me walk in the woods. Thank god it was the last one. >_<

You may now continue with your regularly scheduled afternoon. Or morning. Or evening. Whenever it is for you; I'm done here.

HA HA! the only thing im


the only thing im allergic to is the adhesive in band aids! it literally kills the skin it walks on!

*stares at large dead hunk of flesh on arm*
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*deer nuzzles* Allergies are

*deer nuzzles* Allergies are miserable. I hope you feel better soon. I've had chronic allergies for almost two weeks now. I'm allergic to tree pollen too, as well as mold and dust mites. I usually have seasonal allergies, but it's been worse than usual lately. It's wearing me out mentally and physically.
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@Laruna: I've blown my nose

@Laruna: I've blown my nose so much it's red and irritated. X.x But at least it's not as bad now, cuz we have allergy meds now that finally kicked in. =] Supposed to make you drowsy, too, but I think it makes me kinda hyper instead. O.o