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I had the idea of the Endless Forest beginning with one acorn, and came up with this. I drew this on iScribble as a gift to everyone from the Endless Forest.
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Aww! ILU2 Quadface. That's

Aww! ILU2 Quadface. That's pretty freakin' neat. :3

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This is COOL. COOL. 8D

This is COOL.

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Awesome, the intricate

Awesome, the intricate details make it look like a woodcut. I like the concept, too. Smiling
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Seriously this is so

Seriously this is so awesome. I love it. Laughing out loud

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What a beautiful concept,

What a beautiful concept, Quad! I love the little details!
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this is good thinking! luv

this is good thinking! luv it!
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awesome! I could never done

awesome! Laughing out loud I could never done something like that! :0
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Nice. I've reposted the

Nice. I've reposted the picture on our blog. Hope you don't mind.
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Neat idea! I wonder what M

Neat idea!
I wonder what M means by "Not far from the truth, actually…:)".

"Mystery within mystery, the gateway of manifold secrets..." Yorres, Lightcreator

that is cool.

that is cool.
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CooL Y,,,,,,,,,,Y \ ~.''.~



\ ~.''.~ /
( * ^ * )
\ ~.''.~ /
( * ^ * )

0.0 *hugs* amazing idea and

0.0 *hugs* amazing idea and concept!