The Fairytale: Interactive Storytelling {CSS}

I would like to thank all of you who took the time to become involved in The Fairytale, either through this blog or by interacting with my characters in The Forest. Without all of you the story could never have been laid to rest. Thank you! Smiling

I usually listen to some music while writing The Fairytale.
This song is a sort of theme for the story, so feel free to have a listen.

Safe in The Steep Cliffs by Emancipator

The Fairytale

The Name
So a few of you managed to find the lil sleepy-head. Well done!
Now that you've got Hook's pictogram I'll keep it here for you.
I'm sure it will come in handy if you need to find him again.

Pocket full-o Poppies
So you've chosen not to heed the Gods have you? Hm, an interesting choice.
Still, I am loath to consider the consequences of this kindness.

Laid to Rest
Line, filled with so much kindness and understanding from her time within The Forest
has worked up the courage to face Sinker and lay her suspicions about Lynnet to rest.

The Forest has spoken, Line must leave for the greater good.

With the conclusion of The Fairytale there will be no further tasks.

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Ooh~ I should try this :>

Ooh~ I should try this :> *track* hehe~

Gingernut: hehe you should,

Gingernut: hehe you should, it'll be fun! Smiling

Nobody in Particular: Bah, my Css was messing with the Community Events page, but I think it's fixed now >_< more ugly now, but it's fixed...
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Kicked a Jergens in, and

Kicked a Jergens in, and found :'D Yay!

Yaaay well done Jergens!

Yaaay well done Jergens! I'll have Hook asleep there all day (and he won't be active Sticking out tongue) so you're free to leave xD lol I just wanna give a chance for anyone who want to to find him.
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Nice xD

Nice xD

He'll be quite active in the

He'll be quite active in the next few tasks however! ;D
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Fufufu... I look forward to

Fufufu... I look forward to it :>
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*Raises hand* Can I try?

*Raises hand* Can I try? Pleasepleaseplease???

Of course you can

Of course you can DeerCalledPete! Everyone is welcome to join in! Laughing out loud
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*.* how exciting... &hearts

*.* how exciting... &hearts
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(No subject)


~twack~ *searches furiously*


*searches furiously*

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Found him!

Found him! Smiling

Hehe, well done Pete!

Hehe, well done Pete!
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I think I found him too c:

I think I found him too c:

Yaaaay I'm glad the little

Yaaaay I'm glad the little guy isn't too hard to find. Smiling

Bumping with a new task to

Bumping with a new task to complete! This task will be up for a day or two so you have time to debate your choice! Eye
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Hm... I choose the book :3

Hm... I choose the book :3
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Let's go with a book.

Let's go with a book.
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A book.

A book.
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I'm gonna be a rebel and say

I'm gonna be a rebel and say poppy :B

&hearts; Tracking this before

Tracking this before I leave 8D
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Hmm. I´d say a poppy also.

Hmm. I´d say a poppy also.

A bone..

A bone..
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I have to say book. But I'm

I have to say book. But I'm very curious as to what the other Scenarios would be xD
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Ouu~. This looks fun. I

This looks fun.

I choose... a bone.
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A poppy.

A poppy.
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A poppy

A poppy Smiling


One last bump before I close

One last bump before I close the polls! Thanks for taking part everybody! Smiling

edit: and the task is complete! The next chapter will be up in a day or so.
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Mmm, the new chapters are

Mmm, the new chapters are lovely! Well written... I as always look forward to more!



I should really track this.

I should really track this.

Bumping because Hook is in

Bumping because Hook is in The Forest Smiling
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YEAHHHH ... Honestly, I

Honestly, I didn't think that I would be able to do it x3
hehe~ Two points for Jergy (even if he does feel bad for doing it)

lol I'm glad you found

lol I'm glad you found him!
Poor Jergy hehe

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Lol... -imagines Crybaby

Lol... -imagines Crybaby chasing a fawn- :'DDD
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Munk~ Pffft.... None of my

Munk~ Pffft.... None of my characters are really that cruel. Jergs didn't really wanna do it, and even when he did, he still tried to make up for it by giving Hook some flowers afterwards xP
Still... the thought of CB chasing a fawn amuses me to not end x3

*brick'd for spam*
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Haha x'D Jergy-love CB

Haha x'D Jergy-love

CB wouldn't do it... somehow x')
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Very interesting... I will

Very interesting... I will try to participate!

I don't strive to be the best, but instead I strive to do my best, and always give it my all every time.

Eyestrain: Aw thank you!

Eyestrain: Aw thank you! Smiling

The 'Bitter Medicine' task is

The 'Bitter Medicine' task is now complete! Thank you very much to all the deer (and one very friendly Raven!) who took part, you've helped shape the upcoming end for the tale! Smiling

Sorry for the delay

Sorry for the delay everybody, getting ready for school has kept my muse pretty dry but you can expect the next chapter (and task!) to be posted either tomorrow or the next day. Thanks for your patience.
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Ooh~ I'll keep my eye out for

Ooh~ I'll keep my eye out for this one... Darn Jergens and his stupid coma... Maybe I'll throw Bartleby at her when the time comes xP
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In the heat of the summer,

In the heat of the summer, the mind doctor wandered lazily through the forest trees, looking for a new subject upon which to focus his attention. However, there was little luck to be found, as many of the deer were spending the hazy day sleeping in shady patches.

Just as the white stag was about to settle into his customary sun patch, a soft forgotten tune drifted around him through the still air. Instantly he tensed, his pupils contracting as the melody brought a wave of memories crashing forward. Hair like copper fire and eyes the palest grey shimmered in his mind like a mirage, there but unable to be grasped.

Slowly he followed the harmony through the forest, unaware that he was breathing harder than normal, and his normally cool exterior was showing cracks of emotion around his eyes. He came upon a doe lying among the poppies that grew in the forest's ruins, humming softly to herself in the summer sun.

The mind doctor approached almost nervously, stopping a distance away and speaking in nearly a whisper.

That song...I haven't heard in it years. How could you know a tune like that?
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Oi! I need to track this. o_o

Oi! I need to track this. o_o

Everyone: Sorry for the

Everyone: Sorry for the delay in getting Line into The Forest, something is slowing my frame-rate to a crawl. >_< You'll have to settle for RP for the time being I'm afraid.


The song tappers off slowly and the doe turns her head, almost mechanically to face her guest.
"Oh." Her voice is soft and her speech lazy. "Hello. I'm glad you like the song." She smiles. "It's Hook's favorite." She seems...distracted, I suppose is the best of words. Her sentences are short and you have the distinct feeling her mind is flighty. She doesn't seem to be 'all there'. "I'm not sure how I know the song really, it feels like one I've just learned...but that I've known forever." Her vision clears and she tilts her head looking puzzled. "Do I..know you?"
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As the melody trails away,

As the melody trails away, the spell seems broken for the mind doctor. He sees now the vague look in the does eyes as she speaks, and the distracted way her sentences trail. The part of his mind that has been trained begins shouting warnings at him to LOOK OUT for this one, but the untrained part of his mind yearns to learn more. He lowers himself to her level and settles in the poppies beside her, although still at a distance, ready for fight or flight if needed.

I apologize for my rudeness. He inclines his head slightly in a nod toward her. I am known as the Mind Doctor around here, though please just call me Dok, it is much easier. What might I call you so that we can converse more easily?

A note rang in his mind as he said this, and he adds one more question for the strange doe. Also...if you don't mind me asking...tell me more about this Hook. He seems important to you.

Munchausen: The doe nods


The doe nods back, the act more mimicry than politeness. "Mind..Dok. Hm." She scrunches her nose. "I don't think I know what a Doktor is...Oh, now I'm the one being rude! My name is Line, or Lynnet." The doe smile's, all but glowing at the mention of Hook's name. "Hook calls me mother, or mom, or mummy. Or mum, sometimes even. He's a perfect little fawn." This perfect little fawn, for all his mother's glowing praise does not seem to be anywhere nearby. A fact Line is either untroubled by, or simply oblivious to.
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Lynnet, mmm...a pretty name

Lynnet, mmm...a pretty name for a pretty doe to be sure.

The doctor's eyes narrow slightly as he looks around the ruins. He could see no evidence of the things a fawn would usually play with or leave around. No feathers or pretty flowers, not even a patch of crushed grass where he might have lain.

Suddenly the doctor's nostrils flared as another wave of memory came back to him, this time of blankets still warm from sleep and indented where a baby once lay. He tried to keep his mind focussed, seizing on anything to try and distract himself from the memories.

You must be very proud of your son to speak of him so highly. I would enjoy meeting him one day. Perhaps we could go find him now if he is out playing?

Munchausen: Line watches the


Line watches the Dok as he eyes the ruins, unsure what it is he is looking for. "Oh yes, Hook is so perfect. I'm very lucky he chose me for his mother." She fiddles with a nearby poppy absentmindedly with a hoof. "You won't see him you know. You have to be asleep to see Hook, even me." She seems saddened by this, a slight tugging at the corners of her lips. "I've looked for him before of course, just to be sure. Sinker said that was silliness but I did it anyway because I'm his mother and it felt like the motherly thing to do. Have you ever been a mother, Dok? Can Dok's be mothers?" The doe seems genuine in her question, not teasing or spiteful just...curious.

edit: Finally got my frame-rate sorted, so Line is in The Forest at last!