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The survey was closed on 9 August 2008

This survey is a combination of questions we have been wanting to ask for a long time and some questions proposed by Eva Kekou, PhD student at the University of Arts in London and the University of Athens . It will help us to get an idea of who is playing The Endless Forest. Which is information that is both directly useful for further development but also nice to have if we're talking to potential funders.

Eva has conducted several surveys already with audience members other media art projects. She is using these as case studies in her PhD.

Your names will not be mentioned anywhere as we are only interested in general information. So feel free to be as honest as possible.

Thanks for helping out!

Michael & Auriea.

So here's the questions. First Eva's questions (help her out because she's not so familar with the project). Then ours.

hay jukii my name is julia

hay jukii my name is julia too!!! Smiling my nickname is the same thing as yours ( Jookie ) that is so funny!!!! Smiling :) Smiling :)
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Filled it. Good luck, and I

Filled it. Good luck, and I hope it helps! Smiling

I'm new here but I think

I'm new here but I think I've compensated it with enough letters Eye hey, there's much to say if you only could run roaring through the forest all the day Smiling

keep alive this nice project and see you in the forest!
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I was almost tempted to put

I was almost tempted to put "four slice toaster" for the 3 words but realized that not everybody would understand just how amazing a four-slice toaster is XD

I do hope my answers help, though ^.^
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Some of the questions about

Some of the questions about how often I play were a little hard to answer because since I discovered this free MMO I really enjoy I've pretty much dropped off the map everywhere else. I haven't even posted a new artwork or story chapter in a couple weeks. Before that though I did get on on a pretty regular basis, about every other day or for an hour or so after work as a way to clear my head and relax after a stressful day of work.
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Filled c:

Filled c:

Michael & Auriea AND all my

Michael & Auriea AND all my new friends.

Thank you for this wonderful new gift! I've only been a member for a few short hours and aside from the few minor tech glitches inherent in any rich graphical online experience, especially one that's still in development, well this was one of if not the best online experiences I've had in YEARS!

I had a few main concerns running through my addled mind when I tried to delicately make suggestions to the survey and I wanted to briefly share it here to see if there are any thought.

Pain is a necessary part of growth. If you know Bill, well you know...

Put more succinctly in a popular reference

"Why do we fall down? So we can learn to get back up again."

Not wanting to step on toes here, I'll leave it at that.


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Greybuck65: First of all,


First of all, welcome to the forest!

Also, after reading your comment I can't help but reply. I just want to add my own opinion, which is that there is enough pain and suffering in everyday life, why would you want to partake in more of it in your downtime? At least for me, the fact that the forest is at least one place in this world where I don't have to worry about anything. It's pure escapism, with no goals, no time limits, no points or stats to be gained or lost. If you want more pain, you could always generate some yourself by instigating dramu in the forums or being rude to the other players to the point where nobody wants to play with you (not recommended.) Or you could play just about any other game ever besides this one. As for me, if pain and suffering were added to this game, I hope there would be a "pain and suffering checkbox" that I could uncheck and continue to live freely as a man-stag with no worries beyond accidentally falling in the pond. Also, your analogy of falling down and getting up (which was cute, by the way. I hadn't heard that before,) is very a very nice thought, but I wonder how much hardship in a video game is going to make anyone a more balanced person.

Sorry, I'm not trying to be rude, I promise! Just thought I'd share my ideas, since you asked for feedback. :3
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Good luck with this.

Good luck with this. Laughing out loud
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yes, hopefully things will

yes, hopefully things will change for the better!
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Yes! This is a great

Yes! This is a great idea.

Hopefully this feedback will make TEF a better place for everyone.

So - when do we find out what we have learned from this data-mining?
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I love surveys. xD

I love surveys. xD
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Yay Survey! ---- My TEF

Yay Survey!
My TEF Fanfiction: Rubies in the Pond
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Yes! I had always hoped

Yes! I had always hoped someone would do this! I hope you are able to let us know the results of her survey, as well as yours. Smiling
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We will definitely share the

We will definitely share the results of the survey. After we have analyzed them.
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Hope my answers help a

Hope my answers help a bit.

Keep up the great work with The Endless Forest and good luck to Eva Kekou with her study.
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Wow! The post on the

Wow! The post on the website, (where I first found out about TEF), was in April 2006! I had no idea I have been playing TEF since April 2006! Laughing out loud

How time flies! Laughing out loud
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Know, when I answered these

Know, when I answered these questions, I have left in dreams
and when has finished, have thought, and in fact you can not make anything it..

Wished to ask still something:
We can become friends?

Mel in ore, verba lactis,
Fel in corde, fraus in factis.