Dyed In Salt : The Diary of Lacie - "Days of Cape May"

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July 30th, 2010

I was up by at least 6am this morning. Getting from Upstate New York to the tip of New Jersey is no easy task. It takes quite a while.

This is the longest I've left Sage, my rabbit, on his own, and I spent the previous night cuddling with him for a few hours. I finally introduced him to that "rabbit castle" I swiped from my sister a few weeks ago. At first, he didn't pay much attention to it, but after getting inside of it, he didn't seem to want to come out. He came out here and there to nudge/cuddle me, but that's about it. I basically wrote up a book to my aunt about how to take care of him while I'm gone. I swear, this morning, he knew I was leaving him. He did something he never does.

He peed on my bed as I was changing his bedding, water, and feed. Ah, oh well.

So we finally hit the road, and stopped at a few places to eat/drink/use the bathroom. I hate to break to everyone, but New Jersey people CANNOT drive. We got cut off more times than I can count, and I recall this one motorcyclist clearly looking to die early by driving in-between traffic. Idiot.

We finally reach the campsite (Mind you, we drove from 7am to about 2pm), and we end up with the crappiest site. It's right at the entrance way to the park. Luckily, we'll be moving to a much better site on Sunday. We get everything set up, and look over what we want to do. Of course, the first thing to catch my eye is a whale/dolphin watch. Chances are, we're going Sunday. And I'm freaking stoked.

We decided to go find the lighthouse near the cape, and omg, the beach is...spectacular. The view stretches for miles. You feel so small, so insignificant, in comparison to the ocean itself. Truly a remarkable sight.

It's funny how only a few hundred miles drastically changes the species of birds. I saw birds we never get in New York state: A Laughing Gull, some Plovers, Terns, Swans, Snowy Egrets...it was amazing.

There was one thing that made my heart stop the most, however.

I was looking at one of those info boards for the beach, and just as I turn around, I catch movement in the water. My heart stopped, as I realized what it was.

It was a dolphin.

It's the very first time I've seen dolphins in the wild, but of course, my dad and his GF Tammie didn't believe me at first. But after a few sightings I made, they too saw them. It was a truly defining moment. It's the highlight of my day. I just felt so much joy and adrenaline, searching for them, spotting them coming up for air, and whizzing out, "I see one!" Truly an amazing experience. Getting to see some wild Rose of Sharon growing was awesome as well.

We met up with Tammie's daughter, Amanda, and her friend, Danielle, at a diner called The Lobster House. Sure, we waited forever for our actual dinners to show up, but the food was astounding. I loved it. I managed to catch a rather funny shot of dad and Tammie. Hahaha.

So now, here I sit, in my bed, thinking of stuff to draw, and just enjoying some time in the Forest. I have Wi-Fi up here, though I ended up having to pay to use it. Oh well.
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This sounds so awesome! Have

This sounds so awesome!
Have fun, you lucky person you. x3
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Quote:New Jersey people

New Jersey people CANNOT drive

Welcome to the Garden State. 8D *shot*

Oh gods, laughing seagulls. XD; I can hear them now. (Not literally of course.)