Dragons Live Spectacular

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Comet the night fury urges you to look upon the awesome this blog contains.

...though I warn you that a lot of these photos aren't of the best quality. The lighting was...weird a lot. Either not enough, or too much. And then there was the need to zoom

The stage's appearance while we wait for it to begin...

They got really creative with projections and use of wire.
The whole beginning sequence used a ton of it. A little drawn out if you asked me, but still cool.
But, moving on...

The pinnacle moment.

First flight.

And the celebration fire blast afterwords. XD

Welcome to Dragon Training!

Toothless, Astrid. Astrid, Toothless. Please don't kill each other.

Flying with Astrid.

The dragon nest.

For graduating as top of the class, you get to face the deadly Nightmare. Have fun trying not to get eaten or burned!

You show 'im, Toothless!

Hello, giant, prehistoric-looking dragon that rules the other dragons.

Here comes the cavalry!

Rescuing Toothless underwater.


He's alive!

Many things changed while you were sleeping, dude...

(People, sit down. You missed out on the "credits". They were worth staying for. B|
Will post them later, after the show is no longer playing in this area.)

Now say goodbye Comet. And I will too.
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Gah, so awesome. I sososo

Gah, so awesome. I sososo want to see this! ;;
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°n° what is this I want to be

what is this I want to be there
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It was awesome. I wanted to

It was awesome. I wanted to go since I first learned about it in March. XD If you can manage a seat that's more of a frontal view of the show (or a corner view), do it.

And this is what this is. =B