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* Dauma *

Name: Dauma
Gender: Female
Species: TEF deer/Peryton
Home: Vagabond
Size: 10 on the size chart
Character: Curious
Age: Adult / Mature
Scent: A hint of pear, white cedar, gentle musk
Diet: Omnivorous
Set: NA / Mask: Magpie / Pelt: Magpie / Antlers: Swan

Instagram for sketches
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I need to go frolic on my fawn more often.

But it's so loonely. xP Nobody wants to play with a baby deer during this...uh... time of year. o.o
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I can't post anything except

Whenever I try to reply to someone, it says "You have to specify a valid author.14728" ...it's strange.
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Oooh this game is adorable. Can't wait til I grow up! ^0^
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